New Feature Launch – March 2024

By Service Geeni Product Team | 29 Feb 2024 | 3 mins read
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We are excited to share with you the new features we’ve been developing on Service Geeni this quarter. So grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy…


New Contractor Module

We’re launching a brand new module for managing sub-contractors. This module will allow you to connect with your sub-contractor network to easily allocate and manage work directly through Service Geeni.

This new module is designed to simplify and streamline how you interact with your sub-contractor network. For example, you can automatically create a PO when a job is raised for a sub-contractor. Other benefits include managing invoices and job details with ease through the new module without having to send details across separately.

Creating a PO in the new contractor module in service geeniThe new module also enables sub-contractor to send information back about the job easily through Service Geeni, meaning more information is gathered and retained for each job. This removes the manual effort of uploading job-sheets/service sheets, decreasing admin time and also provides a more detailed job history.

Adding notes in the new contractor module in service geeni


Scheduled Reporting

Introducing, automatic, scheduled reporting. Share your Business Intelligence insights with colleagues, management and Customers. If you have reports you run or share on a regular basis, save time and effort with our new Scheduled reporting.

Scheduled reporting is particularly useful for sending reports directly to clients on a regular basis. Once you’ve set up the schedule, you can sit back and relax knowing your customer will receive the report automatically without your manual input. You can now ensure insights are available to all, when needed, automatically.


Mobile Application Enhancements

We’ve been working on various enhancements to our mobile app, including:

  • Allowing engineers to add photos to forms
  • Automatically raising tasks based on form questions
  • Warning the engineer about existing jobs when raising new jobs for the same site
  • Repeated part failure flag – so the engineer can see if this part has recently been replaced

We’ve also added a smart new feature which allows you to manage mobile app use and permissions more easily. For example, if you set up a profile with certain permissions and views, you can then role this out across all the mobile devices connected to that profile.

Mobile application enhancements on service geeni

Another advantage to closely managing mobile usage is, of course, traceability. You will be able to see what engineers are using which devices and have much more visibility of how your team are using Service Geeni.

mobile traceability on service geeni


Additional Notifications

We’ve added some new notifications to keep you and your customers well informed and reduce manual effort. For example, a notification to tell customers when an engineer starts a job. This makes sure everyone is kept up to date with job progress without having to continually log in and check throughout the day.



We have two exciting new features to help in the communications area.

Firstly, we have built a file transfer function within the app – which means you can send files securely to your customers all within Service Geeni. This means no more downloading of paperwork and manually sending via emails. Less hassle, less risk.

Secondly, we’ve added in email tracking. You will now be able to see when your email has been delivered to a customer, or not delivered, enabling you to follow up as needed. If someone has sent an email in error, well now you will be able to see this and, again, act on it.


Organisational Features

We’ve added some useful features to help you stay organised:

  • Draft Jobs – create a job and save it in drafts, and even take a deposit for it, before scheduling it
  • Global Edit – allows you to update customer details easily, in one place
  • Site Moving – move a site, along with related contracts and equipment from one customer account to anothersite mover new feature on service geeni


Hopefully you are as excited about these new features as we are! If you are interested in further information around planned product improvements or how these new features can further benefit your business, please speak with your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to discuss, provide more detail on our Product Roadmap and will welcome your feedback.

If you’d like to look back at some of our new features we’ve launched in the last six months, take a look at New Features Winter 2023.

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