Plant & Asset Management

Engineers are key to uptime performance. Every marginal gain you can improve, whether that be better planned preventative maintenance scheduling, faster reaction time to urgent jobs, just in time part availability – all improves your performance. Service Geeni helps you improve uptime, achieve consistently high First Time Fix Rates (FTFRs), reduce parts inventory, and lower overall maintenance costs, giving you real time data and tracking to achieve your service goals.


Using intelligent scheduling to assign appropriately skilled Engineers to both planned maintenance and reactive jobs. Equipping teams with mobile devices, with access to complete asset and job history. Enabling bespoke job sheets, including bespoke processes and forms all reduce administration and job completion time. Integrating seamlessly with global parts suppliers so you always have the correct items for each job. Service Geeni is developed to meet and exceed the ever changing demands of maintaining plant and assets for manufacturers and maintenance service providers.

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Your engineers are only working 25% of the time...

Sounds bad but it’s true.


It’s easy to dismiss this as some engineers will take the p***! But the reality is skilled engineers waste time every day. The list includes chasing for parts needed on a job, completing paperwork, going to a job they can’t complete, going out of their way to collect a part to fix a breakdown everyone’s screaming about. The occasional chatting to a colleague or taking a slightly longer break doesn’t account for as much loss of time compared to the rest.


Yet nearly every service operation I know of aspires to this ideal “get the right engineer, to the right place, at the right time with the right parts and we will be successful”.

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PPM Contract Management

Enables accurate planning of maintenance visits in accordance with SLAs, agreed work and compliance testing, so you never miss a test, let a customer down, or miss out on a billing opportunity. Make tracking profitability by contract / customer is easy with standardised reporting based on data engineers input on the job.


Scheduling is all about getting the right engineer to the right place at the right time with the right parts to increase First Time Fix Rates. Service Geeni service management software increases the number of jobs your engineers can complete in a day, reducing second visits to complete work, enhancing productivity and revenue.

Bespoke Forms

Increase quality levels with bespoke checklists and forms to ensure all jobs are accurately completed and recorded. With pre-set fields and drop down menus to reduce engineer time and data accuracy. Publish bespoke forms for customers and contracts, add their logos and make issuing HVAC compliance documentation easy and automated.

Mobile Software

Gives Engineers access to full site history, equipment registers and service job sheets when working remotely. Receiving planned maintenance and reactive schedules and emergency job updates on the move. Inputting data quickly and accurately on the job, removing boring paperwork, reducing back-office duplication, ensuring invoices can be issued in good time.

Stock Control

Matches parts requirements to inventory levels to ensure the right materials handling parts are purchased just in time and available for every job, tracking goods received before allocating work to Engineers.

Testing Examinations

Remove the administrative burden of Thorough Examination & Testing work using Service Geeni to guide Engineers through each testing process for each machine or asset, capturing all the required information in the correct format, improving accuracy and ensuring Health and Safety compliance.

Self-Service Reporting

Self-Service Reporting means you can create your own reports, right down to each field you want to see on each report, so you only generate accurate, meaningful, real-time data that’s worth your attention, data that you can trust, and use to make sound business decisions.

Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Applications

From Accountancy Software, CRM applications to Global ERP systems. Service Geeni’s partnership with Jitterbit enables integrations without bespoke coding, making the transfer of information between systems easy and seamless, removing duplication, and fast-tracking process improvements without compromise.

Issue Job Sheets & Invoices Automatically

Once work is completed and approved, documentation and certificates can be automatically emailed to relevant stakeholders, reducing administration and ensuring your customers are never left waiting for you.

Don’t just take our word for it

Service Geeni provides a first-class service all of the time and we could not be happier. Whenever we have a question the team are very helpful giving a simple and clear explanation and always a solution that fits our business.
We manage forklift fleets across the country for a wide range of clients with different requirements, so we needed service management software to help us increase efficiency and enhance our customer service & Service Geeni does just that.
Service Manager