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Give your staff everything they need to become more productive, with access from anywhere, on any device.

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Work smarter not harder with Service Geeni software

  • Become more competitive. With feature-­rich functionality and intelligent data that helps you to stand out from the competition
  • Reduce costs. With no need to install and maintain costly hardware or out-of-­date software
  • Complete jobs quicker. Boost productivity, maximise time in the field and get rid of unnecessary admin and paperwork
  • Scalable. Become more agile with an all-­in-­one cloud solution that grows and evolves with your business.

Service Geeni integrates with

Intelligent features that support productivity and growth

Help your business stay ahead of the competition with a plethora of unrivalled features that connect your engineers, back office staff and customers.

Kind words from our clients

  • “We have been working with Service Geeni for over 5 years using their service management software, and it has been a great benefit to us. We initially used the software to keep track of truck break downs but over time this has evolved to support our business and we now have trackers on all trucks and use mobile devices in the field which means we have complete visibility. Their system is easy to use, provides accurate information and has improved efficiency. Service Geeni provide a first class service all of the time and we could not be happier. Whenever we have a question the team are very helpful giving a simple and clear explanation and always a solution that fits our business.”
  • “Customer service is enhanced, bottlenecks are eliminated. We have grown and are comfortably handling more business, without the need to employ more staff. Sales have increased by 86%.”

  • “The Service Geeni software has been a major factor in the way the company has built and controlled the business. Things are so much quicker and efficient now.”

  • “We manage forklift fleets across the country for a wide range of clients with different requirements, so we needed service management software to help us increase efficiency and enhance our customer service.

    We researched the market and found that compared to other providers Service Geeni gave us the flexibility we needed, this was critical due to the nature of the service contracts we manage. Service Geeni has also delivered on their client care and customer service promise; knowing that their support is only a phone call away and they will always provide us with a solution has been a great benefit.

    Service Geeni has been a major benefit to our business and now, we could not run our business without using it. It gives us complete traceability, allows us to know where our fleet is at any one time, saves on paper and admin and the system keeps track of tasks that have been completed meaning everything is in one place. It has allowed our business to be more efficient.”

  • “Service Geeni has made a big difference to the financial strength of the operation. The availability of cost reports on maintenance contracts is especially useful.”