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Improve decision making with our business intelligence software.

The ability to harness big data leads to improved performance at all levels of your organisation. So, companies that are not yet using business intelligence software to provide them with the most up to date and accurate data, from multiple data sources are likely to fall behind.

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Set up contract invoices

For ongoing contracts, our frequent billing feature lets you set up a regular invoicing schedule for fixed amounts at set frequencies.

Each invoice will be calculated for you, and you can send this to your customers at the click of a button. For customers that want consolidated invoices, we can create a single invoice for multiple jobs and/or contracts simply by marking their preferences in our invoice system.

Because consolidated invoicing can be quite complex, our easy to use system lets you add, swap, and remove items and details as needed. So you always keep your customers happy while looking after your bottom line.

Improve decision making and grow your business

Improve decision making and grow your business
Our software provides you with a plethora of reporting options, tailored to the needs of each user. For example, you can look at the real profit and margin information of each client, look at the value of planned maintenance vs reactive work, and establish the profitability of all your engineers.
We also provide the ability to filter and analyse a wide range of data quickly and easily. By presenting this information in an easy to understand format, you can examine trends and uncover insights that will help you to optimise the performance of each element of your operation.

Access interactive visual dashboards

With pie charts, bar graphs, heat maps and league tables, you can access your data in the format that best suits you. What’s more, by presenting your essential data in the most useful way, we help you to extract value from your reports.
So you can turn this information into actionable insights and boost profitability. Furthermore, with access from anywhere, your mobile workers have access to all the business intelligence they need when out on site.

Improve customer service

With Service Geeni we help you stay connected with your customers, with secure, private real-time dashboards that keep them in the loop. However, if they don’t feel comfortable with an online portal, your team can use our intelligent software to quickly and easily generate business reports in a format that suits them (e.g. PDF, Excel).
With the ability to set and track complex KPIs and simple job statistics, our reporting business intelligence software is tailored to you and your customers’ needs.

Access business intelligence data

Our smart software provides at-a-glance job-based reports using easy to understand dashboards which can be exported as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets; so you can send your customers regular and tailored reports.
Even better, you can provide your customers with access to their very own customer portal, so they always know what’s happening (while reducing the burden on your team).
With a wide range of performance metrics, access to such insightful business data can lead to actionable insights and improved decision making.

Don’t just take our word for it

After talking to Service Geeni and other potential providers Liftmaster chose Service Geeni as we are confident their solution will suit our immediate and future needs being able to integrate everything we do into one system. Adam and the team were very helpful throughout the process and provided us with informative demonstrations whenever we requested one, which reassured us that Service Geeni was the right fit for our business.
IT & Communications Manager
Service Geeni has been a major benefit to our business and now we could not run our business without using it. It gives us complete traceability, allows us to know where our fleet is at any one time, saves on paper and admin and the system keeps track of tasks that have been completed meaning everything is in one place. It has allowed our business to be more efficient.
The Service Geeni software is easy to use, provides us with accurate information and has improved efficiency.  
Service Director
We've been working with Service Geeni for over 5 years using their service management software, and it's been a great benefit to us. Initially, the software was used to keep track of truck breakdowns, but over time this has evolved and now we have trackers on all trucks and use mobile devices in the field, giving us complete visibility.
Service Director
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