Medical Devices

When it comes to Medical Device maintenance, controlling and tracking moving assets, planning maintenance schedules and conducting accurate, bespoke calibration tests for compliance, are all vital to effectiveness. This demands a tailored technology solution to support a fast-moving industry, to deliver not just superior service and contract management but most importantly to maintain the highest safety standards.


Service Geeni makes tracking multiple asset types by customer, contract, type and location easy. Easily matching Engineers’ skill sets to the planned preventative maintenance tasks. Using mobile software to view and update asset records on-site, complete calibration tests with step by step job sheets, pre-populated data reduces admin time and onsite inputting improves accuracy. Giving real-time meaningful data to Managers for intelligent decision making and maximum control.

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Is your top customer sinking your profits?

It’s a common pitfall when it comes to renewing the top customer contract, no one has any real idea how much money you make or lose on it. Operations may see unnecessary call-outs, a high cost of service, minimal parts mark-up and low rates for off-contract work. Whereas Management may just see the sales revenue and kudos of the big name you can mention to other prospects to help win more work. How do you get a better result? and What do you actually want?


In most cases you want to retain the customer and deliver the work at a healthy profit – sounds too good to be true.

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Mobile Software

Gives Engineers access to full site history, equipment registers and service job sheets when working remotely. Receiving planned maintenance and reactive schedules and emergency job updates on the move. Inputting data quickly and accurately on the job, removing boring paperwork, reducing back-office duplication, ensuring invoices can be issued in good time.

Calibration Tests

Access risk assessments, test method statements, work specifications and templates. Helping engineers to complete mandatory calibration tasks, including tracking and managing assets with a complete audit trail, Issuing calibration reports and Certificates to customers without the administrative headache.

PPM Contract Management

Enables accurate planning of maintenance visits in accordance with SLAs, agreed work and compliance testing, so you never miss a test, let a customer down, or miss out on a billing opportunity. Make tracking profitability by contract / customer is easy with standardised reporting based on data engineers input on the job.

Stock Control

Matches parts requirements to inventory levels to ensure the right materials handling parts are purchased just in time and available for every job, tracking goods received before allocating work to Engineers.


Scheduling is all about getting the right engineer to the right place at the right time with the right parts to increase First Time Fix Rates. Service Geeni service management software increases the number of jobs your engineers can complete in a day, reducing second visits to complete work, enhancing productivity and revenue.

Self-Service Reporting

Self-Service Reporting means you can create your own reports, right down to each field you want to see on each report, so you only generate accurate, meaningful, real-time data that’s worth your attention, data that you can trust, and use to make sound business decisions.

After talking to Service Geeni and other potential providers Liftmaster chose Service Geeni as we are confident their solution will suit our immediate and future needs being able to integrate everything we do into one system. Adam and the team were very helpful throughout the process and provided us with informative demonstrations whenever we requested one, which reassured us that Service Geeni was the right fit for our business.
IT & Communications Manager
The Service Geeni software has been a major factor in the way the company has built and controlled the business. Things are so much quicker and more efficient now.
Service Director
Service Geeni has made a big difference to the financial strength of the operation. The availability of cost reports on maintenance contracts is especially useful.
Head of Service
Customer service is enhanced, bottlenecks are eliminated. We have grown and are comfortably handling more business, without the need to employ more staff. Sales have increased by 86%.
Service Manager