Using SaaS to make your customers smile

SaaS applications are helping service-led firms with a broad range of tasks. And the benefits are impressive:

  • Lower costs. SaaS created a more stable cashflow, with services provided on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Automatic upgrades. SaaS providers continuously improve their solution at no extra cost to you.
  • Dives business improvement. With the vendor looking after the software on your behalf, you can prioritise your IT department elsewhere.
  • You only ever pay for what you use. And your SaaS solution can be quickly and easily scaled up or down.
  • Easy to get up and running. You can tap into tried and tested solutions that are ready to use and customisable to your business.
  • Improved access to information. SaaS provides greater access to data, ensuring all your staff have real-time access to the information they need; from anywhere.
  • Reduced risk. SaaS boasts automated backup services and best-in-class recovery processes.
  • Improved business processes. SaaS, encourages the simplification and standardisation of business processes: saving you time and money.
  • Better communication. SaaS helps people in different teams and locations to work collaboratively with one another.
  • Enhanced insights. SaaS can be set up to generate automatic business intelligence reports.

SaaS and customer satisfaction

Of course, these benefits are impressive, particularly when delivered via one integrated Service Manager Solution. But there is another benefit to SaaS, and it’s one that could make all the difference between success and failure in the long-term – and that’s customer satisfaction.

SaaS supports ongoing customer service

Too many businesses still focus the majority of their available resource on activity that will lead to sales; forgetting about the benefits of ongoing customer communication, tracking, and support. However, SaaS makes the provision of post-sale support much easier, while delivering ROI. For example, with SaaS, it’s simpler to track and predict when a product might require maintenance and/or replacement.

SaaS supports continuous customer service innovation

Because SaaS is scalable, it’s easy to deploy seamless, frequent, automatic upgrades that enhance the customer experience. It’s also easy to integrate improvements based on feedback from your customers.

SaaS enables a more personalised customer experience

Everyone has their own unique needs and priorities, so providing a one-size-fits-all service can lead to frustration; both from your customers and your engineers in the field. With SaaS, it is possible to glean a deeper insight into each customer’s needs, and tailor your service and support accordingly.

SaaS permits proactive customer service

For many service companies, customer issues are still dealt with via call/support centres. But the sheer number of calls received can make excellent customer service difficult; particularly for non-routine calls. SaaS technology can take over more basic automated tasks, freeing your customer-service employees to deal with more complex issues and provide more proactive support.

SaaS reduces human errors

By automating processes, SaaS lessen the likelihood of human error; resulting in a boost in service levels. The better your service (and the more consistent), the more your business will be seen in high regard. And the more new customers you will attract.

SaaS helps you complete jobs quicker

With SaaS, you can better manage stock; ensuring your engineers get the parts they need as quickly as possible. Likewise, scheduling software can reduce the time your engineers spend on the road so that they can see more customers faster. Find out more about how SaaS can help your engineers to become more productive.

SaaS helps you to reduce costs

With no need to install and maintain costly hardware or out-of-date software, SaaS is a compelling option if you are looking to make cost savings and pass these on to your customers.

With SaaS, your whole operation becomes more productive. Jobs are responded to more swiftly, problems identified sooner, and communication between customers, support staff, and engineers enhanced. And. with improved customer service all round, your back office staff spend less time dealing with complaints and can focus on tasks that improve your business instead. So, when it comes to making your customers smile, SaaS is a win-win.


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