Using field service management software to help your customer support teams

Service companies everywhere are seeking ways to improve their customer service and support. And one cost-effective way of doing this is by investing in field service management software. Here are just some of the ways this remarkable technology can help.

Field service management software helps to automate user-facing technology

Field service software can be used to automate the entire customer journey. From request, to execution in the field, and after-care support. This end-to-end functionality helps to remove the burden from in-house staff.

For example, by automating basic communication, chatbots provide a great way to engage your customers and provide support 24/7. And, taking things one step further, AI technology is capable of providing smart virtual assistants that understand real human dialogue.

Furthermore, automated processes reduce the likelihood of human error, and as such, should produce a subsequent boost in service levels. However, if you do decide to remove human interaction as a first point-of-call, make sure that the customer is moved swiftly from a digital experience to an interaction with a human when necessary.

Crucially, automation isn’t about replacing humans. Instead, it is changing the way we work. People have always adapted to disruptive innovations (e.g. electricity and industrialisation), and there is no reason why we will not continue to do so.

Field service management software ensures better customer service

Field service software helps your business to run better. Improvements are wide-reaching and can include things such as:

  • More effective job management
  • Better scheduling
  • Quicker invoicing
  • More accurate quoting
  • And more!

One particularly valuable benefit of field service management software is that it helps your company to provide a better customer experience. This includes things such as improved communications and engineers turning up on time. By tracking your workers’ locations in real-time, you can even provide a narrower service window to your customers. And, by improving customer satisfaction levels and reducing the number of complaints received, your service and support staff can focus on more value-driven work.

Field service management software can be used to fill any skill gaps within your organisation

Providing excellent customer service isn’t an easy task. Especially in a digital age with customer expectations continually shifting and evolving. So, finding the staff to deal with all aspects of customer support can be challenging. And, even once you do secure the team to meet all your current needs, on-going training is a must to keep up-to-date with all the skills you need in-house.

Here again, by taking over those tasks your people are not able to do, field service software can reduce the load. And at a far more affordable cost.

Field service management software provides better access to real-time information

One thing that really frustrates customers is finding it unnecessarily difficult to get support. For example, struggling to find contact details or having to explain the same issue to different call-centre staff. Likewise, people soon get fed up of being on-hold or waiting for a response. And, angry and frustrated customers will, for the most part, take this out on support teams.

But, by providing everyone in your organisation with access to the same, real-time data, there is no need for repetitive and overly long support processes. Because everyone has access to the same data, your customer support teams can pick up a conversation, and provide a seamless experience regardless of how and where the last interaction took place.

Taking this to the next level, by providing customers with access to their own support portals, field service management software makes it much easier for customers to get through to the right people first time. Or, even better, to self-service their problems.

Our field service management software can help you to streamline and improve your customer support, without any extra burden on your team, or your bottom-line. Contact us today to find out more.