Service-led companies must ditch the manual processes

Not that long ago, service management companies used a combination of spreadsheets, paper and Outlook calendars to manage many of their tasks. And, even in our digital age, too many businesses are still struggling on with outdated manual methods.

But this reactive and archaic approach to service management is leading to mistakes, poor customer experiences and delays. So, if you haven’t yet caught on to the benefits of cloud-based service managment technology, it’s time you did.

Here’s why.

Service technology helps you to be more productive

In a competitive marketplace, the need for efficiency has never been more important. Today, when it comes to time and resources there is no room for wasteful working practices. Service technology helps organisations to ensure the optimal deployment of mobile staff. In fact, it can help you to:

  • Get to a job quicker
  • Resolve jobs quicker
  • Reduce the time spent on the road
  • Reduce the burden of admin and paperwork
  • See more customers and resolve more issues in less time

Service technology helps you to improve your service levels (the clue is in the name!)

It’s not just about getting more done. Cloud-based service management software can also help you to improve the level of service you offer to your customers. For example, smart scheduling tools can help you to get the technician with the right skill sets to any job. And, if they still need extra support, collaborative apps and software make it easy for them to get in touch with the back-office or warehouse to access the parts, resources or advice they need.

Service technology helps your business to collaborate better

Service management software can be used to connect people and systems. This allows for a single view of all data across the entire business. As such, cloud-based software can help everyone across your organisation to work collaboratively with one another.

And, not only is your data centralised, but your employees can also share files and information quickly and easily, wherever they are in the company, or indeed, the world.

Service technology helps keep your customers happy

Evolving customer expectations require businesses to invest in service management software to ensure a better experience all round. For example, as well as getting to the customer quicker, and resolving their problems in as few visits as possible, you are also able to keep the customer updated in real time. And provide tight predetermined windows for any visits.

Service technology helps to reduce the admin burden

A state-of-the-art service management system provides a range of different modules. But crucially, these modules should be able to interact with each other. This reduces the need for duplication within a business. What’s more, with automation becoming more and more popular, it also helps to save considerable time and effort on tasks that once had to be done manually.

Service technology provides greater visibility

Service management software provides 100% visibility into your operations. And, savvy businesses are using such software to access real-time, tailored, and accurate information, from multiple data sources, presented via easy to understand visual dashboards. On the ground and back office staff are also able to use mobile worker apps to ensure improved visibility and control.

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