Results to expect when you invest in service management software

Service management software gives your staff everything they need to become more productive, with access from anywhere, on any device. With no need to install and maintain costly hardware or out-of-date software

Which sounds great. But in a competitive marketplace where ROI matters, what can you expect in terms of measurable results?

Reduced fuel costs

Generating the optimum schedule based on geographical area, service management software can help you to keep your fuel costs low.

Less wasted time

Tools such as tracking software, route optimiser software, scheduling software and mobile worker apps will help you to get the job done, invoice, and move on to the next one as quickly as possible.

In fact, according to the service director at HFT: “The Service Geeni software has been a major factor in the way the company has built and controlled the business. Things are so much quicker and efficient now.”

Improved customer satisfaction

Winning new customers is essential, but retaining them is key to profitable growth; especially when you consider that it costs six to seven times more to obtain a new customer than to keep an existing one. With better communications, improved first-time fix rates, and fewer jobs missed, service management software can help you to keep your customers happy. And that means retaining a larger percentage of your business.

Commenting on measurable improvements seen since using software from Service Geeni, the managing director of BJB Life Trucks Ltd said: “Customer service is enhanced, bottlenecks are eliminated. We have grown and are comfortably handling more business, without the need to employ more staff. Sales have increased by 86%.”

Increased revenue

As well as customer retention, service management software also enables servitisation – the process of providing a service offering to key product lines and one-off jobs. From regular planned maintenance contracts to upgrades, upselling, and end of life disposal, you can think beyond the initial sale while generating a more steady income stream for your business.

Improved efficiency

Businesses often spend too much of their valuable time on repetitive and mundane tasks. However, with the right software, you’ll benefit from the simplification, standardisation, and streamlining of business processes. So you’ll spend less time on administration and more time priority tasks that make you money.

Better informed decisions

With intelligent software that provides at-a-glance reports and analytics via easy to understand dashboards, you’ll get access to insightful business data that you can use to make more informed business decisions.

For example, according to the head of service at Linde Sterling Ltd: “Service Geeni has made a big difference to the financial strength of the operation. The availability of cost reports on maintenance contracts is especially useful.”

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