Protean Customers We've Got You Covered

Protean’s software is in maintenance mode and ServiceSight is being retired. This means it’s no longer actively updated and you need to consider your next software solution.

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Without regular updates software can quickly become outdated and may carry a greater security risk.

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To find out what features Service Geeni can offer compared to Protean and Joblogic, take a look at our feature comparison table.

Want to know more about Service Geeni?

Service Geeni helps you manage:

✔  Engineers  ✔  Parts & Stock  ✔  Customer Communications  ✔  Multiple Sites
✔  Invoicing  ✔  Reactive Maintenance  ✔  PPM  ✔  Hire  ✔  Reporting & KPIs

…and more.

Service Geeni Benefits

  • Self Service Reporting: generate reports on every aspect of your database
  • Seamless Integration: effortlessly integrate accounting solutions
  • Configurable Dashboard: customise your dashboard to show key metrics
  • User Friendly Interface: intuitive and easy to use
  • Instant Notifications: stay connected with real time notifications
  • Business Intelligence: improved data collection providing valuable insights
  • Invoicing Made Easy: reduce administration tasks through automation

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You've got options

Option 1: You could risk a move to Joblogic, who acquired Protean, regardless of whether their new software aligns with your business needs.
Option 2: You can explore your options and find a company that is better suited to your individual requirements.
We are offering Protean customers preferential rates on our current pricing and unlike Joblogic we tailor our pricing based on your individual needs.

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