Mobile technology is shaping service businesses

Mobile technology is transforming the UK’s workplaces. Helping businesses to streamline productivity and become more efficient, the latest mobile software is revolutionising the way services are managed and delivered.

In response, mobile has become a crucial part of most IT strategies, as savvy businesses look for new ways to leverage mobile devices and software and improve their operations.

According to research, the mobile worker population is set to reach 1.3 billion – that’s 37.2% of the workforce[1]. So, it’s no wonder that the level of demand for mobile-enabling tech shows no signs of slowing down, with more and more companies using tools such as smartphones, wearables and apps.

But what are service-led businesses investing in right now?

Scheduling Software

Hardworking service organisations have to balance a range of scheduled and reactive work; from planned maintenance and larger scale projects to critical fixes.

Boosting effective job management with an easy to use scheduling tool, back-office-staff can drag and book jobs straight into your engineers’ diaries. And, with a mobile scheduling application, your mobile workers know about their day’s engagements without having to come into the office. At the same time engineers can mark tasks as complete using mobile devices, so visibility is greatly increased.

Job Management Software

With mobile job management software, your engineers can view and update the status of each job, in real time. And, by using mobile technology to keep everyone updated, from accepting a job, to engineers on route, to arrival and completion, your back office team always know what’s happening.

At the same time, adding a note or sending a report to the customer takes seconds. So you boost both productivity and customer satisfaction.

Business Intelligence Software

With charts, graphs, heat maps and league tables, you can access your data in the format that best suits you. And, by presenting your essential data in the most useful way, software can be used to help you extract value from your reports.

Furthermore, with access from anywhere on any device, your mobile workers can get all the business intelligence they need when out on and about.

Asset Management Software

With mobile tech, your engineers can leverage asset tracking software to record all your assets and have them instantly appear in your system. You can even use mobile devices to report on the condition of an asset in real-time.

Inventory Software

It can be challenging to keep track of inventory, particularly when engineers keep stock in their vehicles. However, when you use mobile-enabled stock control software, you can monitor items between locations and from job to job. Engineers simply select used parts from their van, and this is automatically deducted from your inventory.

Tracking Software

With location tagging, you get an alert every time your engineers change their activity. So, you always know where they are up to while saving battery power. Because you always know where your engineers are, you can also assign tasks to the right person using location and scheduling data. For example, you’ll be able to automatically calculate the distance between the job and the nearest available engineer.

With the best mobile technology, you’ll benefit from the simplification, standardisation, and streamlining of business processes. Staff will be able to fill in electronic forms using any mobile device, and this information will sync with your back office systems. Ultimately, you’ll spend less time chasing your teams, and they spend more time on those tasks that make you money.

At Service Geeni, our Mobile Worker app does all this and more.


[1] IDC