Maximise communication with service management software

Rather than looking at all the benefits service management software (SMS) can bring, it often helps to focus on just one. With that in mind, one of the most critical benefits SMS delivers is its ability to help you to improve communication – both across your business and with your customers.

Here are just some of the ways it does that.

Customer updates

With service management software, you can let customers know when a job has been booked and when they can expect you to arrive. For example, SMS technology can be combined with back-office software and used to send automatic messages to customers. And because you always know what’s happening, posting an update or report to a customer takes seconds.

As well as regular updates, customer portals can be used to provide customers with real-time access to their data 24/7.

Data capture

It’s not necessarily the volume of data that’s important. It’s what you do with it that matters. And today data can be used to help you become more customer focused. For example, with secure information capturing and automated lead generation, you can communicate with your prospects and customers more effectively.

For example, you can use service management software to:

  • Send prompts when a service or upgrade is due
  • Get in touch with customers to promote a new service or special offer
  • Generate lead generation and nurturing campaigns
  • Send automatic follow-ups after a job.

Find out more about how service management software can be used to communicate with your customers.

Collaboration between your workforce

Departmental silos a problem for most organisations. But, with service management software, your business will benefit from an interconnected system that monitors and shares information. And, with cross-device compatibility, applications work on a variety of different devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Information that you can share across your business includes:

  • Details about past jobs, including any issues
  • Any bespoke requirements the customer has
  • The type of equipment each customer uses
  • When that equipment is next due for replacement
  • Who each customer’s current provider is (and dates for contract renewals)

By creating a single, integrated infrastructure that works across your organisation, people in different teams and locations can work collaboratively with one another. And, with real-time collaboration possible, when an employee in one place makes a change, that information is immediately available to others, regardless of where they are.

Keeping engineers in the field

If your engineers are spending lots of time in your office, then they are not out keeping your customers happy. Service management software removes the need for mobile workers to come into the office to share business-critical information. Instead, everything they require can be accessed remotely.

Machine to machine communication

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) harnesses technologies, processes, physical objects, and services to create an interconnected system that monitors and shares information. And, from preventative maintenance solutions to long-range planning and quality improvements, IIoT enabled functionality is already shaking up the industry.

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