How much does service management software cost?

Service management software (SMS) can make a positive difference to your business. And, as well as helping you to streamline a broad range of tasks, from scheduling engineers, tracking jobs, managing contracts, invoicing and more, SMS has also become the smart financial choice.

However, despite the benefits, as with any new tech, when it comes to investment price is key. As such, finding out how much it costs is crucial. So what do you need to know?

First and foremost, at Service Geeni our cloud-based SMS is provided on a subscription basis. This means that SMS is an operating expenditure which delivers a more stable cash flow. And you never get any nasty surprises. At Service Geeni we also provide software packages specifically designed for small, medium, and large companies.

Things to take into consideration when buying service management software include:

  • How many people need to use the software?
  • What software do you need? It’s not uncommon for smaller businesses to start with one module and then add more
  • How many locations will the software be covering?
  • Do your employees need any training on how to use the software?
  • Do you want managed support to get the most out of your service software?
  • Do you need any bespoke features or customisations?
  • Do you need any new hardware (e.g. mobile devices)?

The good news is, because of the evolution of cloud-computing, SMS is now more affordable than it has ever been. And a reduction in cost doesn’t mean a downgrade in IT. In fact, the cloud provides enterprise-level IT at an affordable price. And, with better IT helping you to keep ahead of the curve, the question isn’t “can you afford to invest in SMS?”, but can you afford not to?

Other financial benefits that can be realised by investing in cloud-based SMS include:

  • Time savings. SMS streamlines and consolidates work functions which saves you a lot of time. And, of course, time is money
  • Improved customer service. SMS fosters better customer service and increases customer satisfaction levels. And with studies showing that customers who have a positive experience with a company spend around 140% more than those who have a negative encounter, SMS can help to increase sales and profits
  • Reduced setup costs. If you decided to upgrade your IT, cloud-based SMS is a compelling option. Not least because you can tap into a tried and tested system that is ready to use, customisable to your business, and which works with your existing IT
  • Improved productivity. SMS helps to make your employees – and therefore your business – more productive. Reducing instances of duplication and human error while improving collaboration, SMS helps everyone to work smarter
  • Reduced management costs. The ongoing costs of looking after any IT system can be significant. In addition to employing the right people with the right skills to manage this, you’ll also need to factor in the costs of energy, physical space, upgrades, maintenance and more. However, our cloud-based SMS comes with inbuilt customer service support, reducing internal IT helpdesk calls, so the burden of firefighting is eased
  • Reduced upgrade costs. Cloud-based software providers continuously improve their solution at no extra cost to you; helping you to remain current, agile, and competitive. With upgrades made automatically, you are free from the burden of maintaining complex hardware and software. And there is no need to maintain or support legacy versions. So, you can reduce the size of your technical staff or free your IT department to get on with tasks that drive business improvement
  • Reduced cost of risk. With cloud-based SMS you can appoint an ISO27001 certified and trustworthy provider, committed to safeguarding your data. However, to protect your business, be sure to undertake due diligence to ensure your provider understands what’s needed to ensure GDPR compliance and avoid risking hefty fines. To help you with this, get them to commit to an acceptable level of security as part of your SLA.

When it comes to buying service management software, there are a lot of things to consider. But the bottom line is that SMS can save your business money. In fact, over time, the cost of cloud-based SMS is significantly lower than traditional service management systems.

Check out our competitive pricing options, or contact us for more information on how our software can boost your business and your bottom line.