Is your dispatch scheduling software fit for purpose?

If your engineers spend lots of time in the office or between jobs, then they are not with your customers keeping them happy. At the same time, service personnel who end their day knowing they have been productive are happier than those who get more and more frustrated due to inefficient tools and processes.

Creating happy customers and a fulfilled workforce in the service industry requires the latest technology. What’s more, with the right dispatch scheduling software, you’ll be able to improve productivity, boost customer service, meet your key performance indicators, and keep everyone satisfied.

Software as a Service (SaaS) for dispatch scheduling

SaaS describes services delivered over the internet. Easy to use and access, with SaaS, field service teams can connect with your office from wherever they are, and respond to and close jobs quickly. The benefits of SaaS-based dispatching and scheduling software are compelling. Here are just some of them:

  • Assign tasks to the right engineers using location and scheduling data. For example, automatically calculate the distance between the job and the nearest available engineer
  • Prevent double-booking with alerts for overlapping
  • Provide engineers with a clear view of their scheduled work every day. So there is no need for them to come into the office
  • View the status of any job (including its history)
  • Provide automated progress updates to customers
  • Access real-time inventory information from anywhere. So your engineers can quickly check whether the parts they need are in stock
  • Manage stock locations to ensure your engineers get the parts they need as quickly as possible
  • Automate processes to improve speed and accuracy through the use of mobile technologies. Significantly reducing administration and paperwork
  • Eliminate the wasted time that results from poor scheduling decisions.

Ten tips for choosing the right dispatch scheduling software

But, not all SaaS is created equal. So, to meet the needs of your modern service operation, here are our top tips for choosing the right dispatch scheduling software.

  1. Make sure it offers advanced integration functionality. It doesn’t matter how good your new software is if it won’t integrate with your existing IT setup (assuming you are not starting from scratch). The best dispatch SaaS should augment and support your various mission-critical tasks (e.g. invoicing, sales, CRM, etc.), not hinder them.
  2. Choose software that supports mobile working. Your dispatch software should provide your engineers with real-time access to all the information they need. On any device, from anywhere. SaaS is the ideal choice; with cloud-based solutions designed specifically to meet this need.
  3. Deploy software that improves collaboration. Departmental silos are still a problem for most businesses and can have an adverse impact on your customers. To combat this, use SaaS that encourages the simplification and standardisation of business processes, and which helps people in different teams and locations to work collaboratively with one another.
  4. Invest in software that is easy to use. It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles your dispatch software has if your engineers and other employees don’t know how to use it. So make sure it’s easy to understand and simple to use.
  5. Check that it comes with optimised routeing functionality. Efficient scheduling requires more than simply planning daily dispatches according to location. To maximise your operations, invest in software that also takes time-of-day, traffic patterns, etc., into consideration
  6. Ensure your SaaS is secure. Keeping sensitive customer data safe is of the utmost importance. But the more technology we integrate over the internet, the greater the threat. In our online world, refusing to adapt with the times isn’t an option. And, with robust encryption now available, your cloud-based solution doesn’t have to come with any increase in risk. Speak to your SaaS partner to make sure they can provide the necessary levels of data security and reliability.
  7. Look for software that facilitates self-appointment booking. SaaS that allows customers to schedule appointments with your engineers online could increase satisfaction levels.
  8. Make sure it offers advanced reporting functionality. In addition to supporting your day-to-day dispatching and scheduling operations, SaaS also provides on-demand operational performance analytics, so you can rapidly recognise and respond to trends and even identify revenue-generating opportunities.
  9. Make sure it’s accessible. Cloud technology provides your field service personnel with access to everything they need to do their jobs. But, because they sometimes have to work in locations with limited connectivity, it’s vital that any cloud-based services you use can also function offline, before synchronising with servers once connectivity is restored.
  10. Check the costs. With SaaS, you pay a subscription (usually monthly or yearly) to use the dispatching software; with the price you pay dependant on the size of your business and the number of users. So, you only ever pay for what you need. What’s more, SaaS is implemented at a fraction of the price of an on premise solution. And it doesn’t require any large-scale infrastructure investment. Delivering a more stable cash flow, as your business grows, your SaaS solution can be quickly and easily scaled up to meet your changing requirements.

At Service Geeni, we offer fully integrated dispatching, and scheduling solutions, tailored to suit the requirements and budget of your business.

If you want to increase performance and customer satisfaction, speak to a member of our team on 01942 261 671 or email to find out more about switching to SaaS today.