Could your service business get a boost from increased automation?

Automation is making service-led businesses more effective while helping to make customers happier. At the same time, automation is also helping organisations to increase their profitability. In fact, some of the key benefits of automation include:

  • Standardised practices that simplify execution and therefore boost productivity
  • Standardised practices that lessen the risk of error
  • The removal of repetitive manual tasks so valuable personnel can focus on more business-critical responsibilities
  • Digital processes that processes reduce the likelihood of human error.

And, when you take all this together, it’s easy to see why using automation produces a subsequent boost in service levels. And, the better your service, the more your business will be viewed in high regard.

But despite this, many companies – especially smaller ones -still manage many of their service operations using paper and spreadsheets. Or, where they have invested in automation, they have chosen a standalone system with limited functionality that doesn’t integrate with their wider business. And, more often than not, this technology quickly becomes out-of-date and incapable of scaling up as the business grows. But there is a smarter way.

How does automation work?

Automated technology carries out process or procedures with minimal human assistance. It can be used to describe simple household applications such as controlling the temperature of a boiler to massive industrial control systems with multi-variable high-level algorithms. So it’s about more than taking offline tasks and putting them online.

But, for the most part, service led organisations don’t need to concern themselves with the technical detail. Instead, they benefit from deploying a single service management system that centralises their operations and shares data across all parts of their business. Because with an integrated service solution, the power of automation truly delivers.

For example, at Service Geeni our ingenious service management software (SMS) allows your business to dispatch technicians, manage jobs, communicate with mobile workers, capture and store customer information, communicate with customers, and better manage stock processes. As well as a whole lot more! So it’s no wonder that it is used by service-led organisations across the UK to increase productivity and efficiency.

Automation isn’t replacing humans

As more and more processes are automated, it’s no wonder people get scared about losing their jobs. Especially with reports stating that the vast majority of job responsibilities across the global workforce will soon be automated. But rather than getting rid of jobs, this just means that we will be doing things differently.

When you remove routine but time-consuming processes, everybody in your organisation becomes more productive. But more than this, by eliminating dull and thankless tasks, your people are free to provide value in new ways. For example, customer service teams can deliver more proactive personal support while bots deal with quick and easy customer questions. Or, put simply, employees will be free to focus on the things that matter most – such as improving the customer experience.

And, with businesses across the UK and US wasting a whopping £8.15bn a year by using different tools to manage similar services across their organisations, the impact of integrated automation on your bottom line cannot be underestimated[1].

Want to see how technology can help to improve your business for one affordable monthly payment? For more information on how our service management software can help you, contact us today for an informal chat.