CMMS Software for Warehousing


Service Geeni Maintenance Management System helps you to keep your warehouse equipment up and running even in the busiest periods.

  • Avoid equipment downtime
  • Meet client SLAs with ease
  • Keep track of parts and stock across depots
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Generate self-service reports

Our software helps some of the biggest retailers in the country maximise their output.


Such as…

We’ve got the solution for your business

Take a look at our KNAPP Case Study to see how they use Service Geeni to drive warehouse operations.

Minimise Equipment Downtime

When your business relies on machinery running smoothly, every breakdown is a loss.


Service Geeni software helps you manage the maintenance and health of your equipment so you can avoid unnecessary downtime.


Whether you are managing planned preventative maintenance, or you need to react quickly to stop an issue arising, Service Geeni is with you all the way.


Service Geeni will send notifications when PPM is due, and help you spot trends around breakdowns so you can prevent them happening. With a full service and parts history stored against every piece of kit, your engineers will have everything they need to fix issues quickly.

Manage Parts & Stock

Having visibility of stock, even across multiple depots, can be the difference between 30 mins of downtime and 2 days of downtime.


Service Geeni’s Parts & Stock module allows your engineers to see immediately what parts are available and where.


But it’s not just about being transparent. Service Geeni helps keep you well stocked, or run leaner as needed. Set up automatic parts orders when stock levels reach a certain threshold. Or, allow engineers to order via their mobile app for speed and efficiency.


However you chose to manage your parts and stock, Service Geeni will help you do it with more efficiency and more transparency across the business.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Service Geeni’s comprehensive reporting suite helps you to monitor efficiency across your operations as a whole. Whether you are reporting on your own operations, or producing reports for a client, Service Geeni can save you hours of manual number crunching.


Evidence your true value to your customers with KPI reporting. Make better business decisions based on accurate and useable data.


Our clients tell us they see a tangible return on their Service Geeni investment because it helps them to not only improve operations, but also monitor these improvements.

We’ve got the solution for your business