Why Your Hire Management Software Isn’t Enough

By Service Geeni Team | 03 Oct 2023
Why Your Hire Management Software Isn’t Enough

Imagine turning away business because you couldn’t confidently say whether a specific asset is available or reserved for a later date. It’s not just missed revenue; it’s lost opportunities, damaged trust, and a shaky reputation. The heart of the issue lies in a lack of visibility. Without a reliable system to track your fleet, it becomes nearly impossible to make confident decisions about asset availability.


To make matters more challenging, most service management software falls short when it comes to hire management. And hire management software falls short when it comes to service management. This deficiency forces companies to implement separate hire management systems alongside their existing service management software; incurring additional costs and complicating operations.

Service, Maintenance and Hire: An Integrated Solution


When it comes to hire contracts, most Hire Management Software applications don’t provide enough functionality so instead an integrated service management software is your solution. Quality Service Management Software should be able to streamline your daily tasks and offer you greater efficiencies. Each component serves a distinct purpose, collectively transforming your operations:


Service: is the core functionality of any Service Management Software ensuring your customers receive unparalleled support and assistance. It streamlines scheduling, enhances communication, and minimises downtime, positioning you as a reliable and customer centric service provider.

Maintenance: Beyond service, maintenance is the key to ensuring your assets remain in peak condition. It offers predictive insights into asset health, enabling you to schedule timely repairs and replacements, resulting in long term cost savings.


Hire: The hire component completes the triad, enabling you to manage your asset rentals with precision. It grants you complete visibility into asset availability, reservations, utilisation rates and planned maintenance services, eliminating uncertainties that can cost you valuable business opportunities. It should also ensure accurate billing for both long-term and short-term hire.


The synergy of these three components eliminates the burden of disjointed systems, reduces overhead, and confidently gives you the data to understand the true cost of running your business.

Service with a smile


When all of the competitors are hiring the same (big brand name) equipment the differentiator is service. Delivering an exceptional service can give you a competitive edge, encouraging customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals.


As you build up your hire business the right service management software will also provide insightful data and reports. One example could be the ability to track maintenance work completed on the hired assets over time. This data isn’t just about documenting repairs; it’s about uncovering patterns and trends. By examining maintenance history and trends, you can identify if a particular asset is consistently experiencing similar breakdowns so that you can pin-point and correct underlying issues.

Alternatively, if you notice that a specific asset is frequently requiring extensive repairs, you can assess whether it’s more cost effective to replace the equipment altogether.


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