Top Field Service Management Trends in 2024

By Tom Naughton | 19 Jan 2024
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Get ready for a big year in field service management. We’re going to explore the top trends you can expect to see in 2024. Service Geeni’s experts give their insights into artificial intelligence, workforce challenges, performance analytics and more.

Even more AI

AI isn’t new to field service management. It has already been used to improve workflows, chatbots and reporting for years. But as the world moves into the AI age, expect to see more of it in your field service management software in 2024.

Therefore, you can expect improved functionality and greater insights for your business. It will take the lead on performance analytics, identifying patterns, trends, and transform predictive maintenance scheduling. As a result, you will be able to make better decisions and respond proactively to challenges.

It will not only strengthen your operations, but it will position your business at forefront of technological innovation. Consequently, you can make sure you remain resilient and competitive in quickly evolving industry.

Performance Analytics

Within any business, the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. Field service management software is no different. The longer you have the software, the more it learns about your business. As such, the software can start giving you deeper insights and better reports into your operations.

You will be armed with the right intelligence to optimise your operations and proactively identify issues. This can help you improve your asset management by giving you the right information to help improve first-time fix-rates, reduce downtime, and boost customer satisfaction. Advanced performance analytics aren’t common practice across the industry, but companies like Service Geeni are now leading in this field. See more on this here.

Proactive Not Reactive

Looking ahead at 2024, the shift to proactive predictive maintenance takes centre stage. Gone are the days of waiting for something to break for your engineers to be called out. Using AI and your existing data, businesses will proactively recommend service visits and confront issues before breakdowns occur.

This allows businesses to offer a maintenance strategy that balances maximum uptime with minimal servicing costs. By getting predictive maintenance right, data shows that equipment uptime can be increased by up to 20% and at the same time reduce overall maintenance costs by up to 10%.

What’s more, field service management software can now help you supercharge your scheduling. Always make sure you have the right engineer, with the appropriate skills, and correct tools and parts for every job. This means you can reduce the amount of costly follow-up visits, which ensures efficient service delivery and happy customers.

Sustainable Service

Turning our attention to environmental awareness, in 2024 businesses will be more mindful than ever before about how their operations affect the environment. By embracing sustainable practices through tools like field service management software, companies not only reduce their ecological footprint, but also position themselves as responsible contributors to a greener future.

Beyond operational efficiency, this commitment to sustainability can also positively influence client perceptions. Businesses are now more inclined to work with service providers who share their environmental responsibility. Adopting innovative technologies, such as fuel-efficient route planning and remote diagnostics, is not just a strategic move; it’s a conscientious effort to contribute to a more sustainable world, having a positive impact on both the industry and the planet.

A good Field Service Management tool can be instrumental in helping businesses achieve Scope 1 emissions targets. In turn, this makes them more appealing to partners and customers actively seeking green suppliers for their Scope 3 targets. Learn more about Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions here.

Don’t Lose Your Best Engineers

Retaining your best engineers is going to be a big focus of 2024. Despite many positive trends, 47% of engineers thought about a job switch last year. This figure should be a real wakeup call for service businesses.

Businesses need to make sure engineers enjoy their work and feel valued. Advanced field service management software can help with this by reducing paperwork, improving schedules, and minimising follow-up visits. These small changes make engineers happier in their jobs.

Providing good technical support isn’t just a bonus; it attracts the best talent. By investing in your engineers’ happiness, you can improve your team, increase involvement, and encourage motivation. Reliable service management systems, like Service Geeni, not only make operations smoother but also keep tabs on qualifications, certifications, and completion rates. This helps managers identify skill gaps and enhance the skills of their current workforce.

Service Geeni

In 2024, think of Service Geeni as your trusted partner. We’re not just keeping up, we’re leading the way in field service management. Our software is tailored to grow with industry demands, incorporating valuable customer feedback, implementing the best industry practices, and embracing the latest technological advancements. Join us in reshaping the future of field service management. Reach out today and let’s explore how we can drive your business to success in the year ahead.