Stop Making Thorough Examinations Harder Than They Have To Be

By Service Geeni Team | 03 Oct 2023
Stop Making Thorough Examinations Harder Than They Have To Be

Thorough Examinations (TE) serve as the cornerstone of safety and compliance, and as technology continues its march forward, businesses are faced with a choice: cling to traditional manual processes or embrace the promise of automation. Businesses that support service management technology and collaborate with the right tech partners are more likely to maximise efficiency and growth.


One area that is often overlooked by service management businesses is the ability to improve their internal efficiencies around their Thorough Examinations. The paperwork alone can be time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive.

To address these challenges, your service management software should be able to offer a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire TE process. From knowing when an inspection is due, scheduling the work, dispatching a TE certified engineer, completing digital assessments on-site through mobile software, and automating the certification process.


By digitising and automating these tasks, businesses will save time, enhance accuracy, and improve overall operational efficiency.

How Does My Field Engineer Play a Part?


During the inspection process, engineers using mobile software can complete all necessary paperwork digitally in real-time. With options to capture images and annotate as they go, ensuring quality in the job and a visual record. If any issues arise during the inspection, they can promptly notify the relevant personnel that remedial or further work is required, promoting a proactive maintenance visit and minimising potential downtime.

Once the engineer completes the onsite inspection and approves the asset is compliant, the form can be digitally uploaded and passed through to a governing body to automatically issue the relevant safety decal for the asset, update their records and send the relevant invoices. This seamless automation reduces administrative burdens associated with processing certifications, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations without unnecessary paperwork.

Handle Any Dispute


Whilst you may have regular maintenance visits for your assets, it’s important to have that safety certification on your assets once a year to protect you from any potential liability and just as important to be able to document this.


Many businesses struggle to correctly do this as they don’t have a system in place to actively maintain a digital audit trail of all assessments conducted over the years. Having a trail can prove valuable if any issues arise, such as legal disputes or insurance claims. With easy access to the digital records, organisations can demonstrate compliance and TE certifications for their assets, safeguarding against potential liabilities.

Thorough Examinations play a crucial role in safeguarding an asset, they are not only instrumental in ensuring the well-being of the user but also certify that the asset remains safe for ongoing use.


Rather than perceiving TE as a cumbersome and time-consuming process, why not streamline the entire process. Service Geeni’s service management software can offer everything mentioned above. if you would like to find out more visit their website here.

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