Service Management Software Implementation Horror Stories

By Service Geeni Product Team | 31 Oct 2023
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Horror Stories of Service Management Software Implementation and How to Avoid Them! Spookily common traps service organisations fall into when choosing and implementing service management software include:

Assume at your peril:

The most common mistake is assuming that even the most basic tasks will be covered in all service management software. For example, just because you hire and maintain equipment doesn’t mean your service management software will include hire management (lots don’t).

Scary escalating costs:

A big shock for decision-makers can be when costs escalate during implementation. Additional functionality and integrations that were ignored or brushed over before can suddenly become expensive, often making what seemed like a cheaper solution become disproportionately expensive.

Hidden resource requirements:

Not realising the horrifying time commitment is another common problem, as many providers don’t effectively plan implementation to manage internal resource requirements costing you and your team too much time, because you’ve still got your day job to do.

We feel your pain. BUT, fear not…

Whilst these horror stories are a warning for companies looking to implement service management software for the first time or when switching providers. You can avoid the nightmares by doing these 4 simple things…

1. Bring your must-have features and current pain points to the meeting

Knowing the functionality & features you need and sharing with software providers the details on your biggest pain points is crucial. If they don’t ask what your challenges are it’s a big clue they probably aren’t the best software company.

2. See through the hype – don’t get swayed by a shiny demo

Bring your requirements and pain points to the demo and expect to see features and reports that resolve them.

3. The devil is in the detail – check your proposal

If a feature you need isn’t listed it will cost you later! If a solution to fix your biggest pain points isn’t explained request more information. Detail and transparency at the purchase stage will save you later on.

4. Don’t let it become a monster project – ask for an implementation plan.

Good providers will have one and will be honest about how much time they need from your stakeholders. Trust that they deliver implementations every day and don’t believe the horror story of getting up and running in a couple of weeks – you know this will lead to recurring nightmares whilst you sort out your data!

Save yourself, your budget and your team from the common service management software horror stories.



De-Risking Service Management Software Procurement

To help we have created a free guide on how to de risk your software procurement. This guide will help you with demo preparation. It also provides in depth insights into identifying problems, evaluating potential software providers, and understanding what to consider with integrations. It also offers guidance on what to expect from your implementation plan and how to negotiate terms. Not to mention tangible takeaways such as a software requirements template. DOWNLOAD A FREE GUIDE HERE.

Why Service Geeni?

Service Geeni service management software is packed with the features, automations, reporting and integrations you need to manage your operations. Whether your focus is to manage your engineers, streamline your processes, or improve your First Time Fix Rate, Service Geeni can help.

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