Overcoming Common Excuses About Upgrading Service Management Software

By Service Geeni Team | 21 Aug 2023
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The business landscape has faced numerous economic challenges in recent years, amidst these uncertainties, one factor has emerged as a key differentiator for successful service operations: service management technology.


Surprisingly, some companies still hesitate to upgrade their service management software, potentially missing out on a significant competitive advantage. So why are some companies put off upgrading their service management software?

Here are the 4 most-common excuses to listen out for & overcome:


1. Speculative investment in technology solutions won’t help in the current climate.


It’s easy to think that investing in technology during uncertain times is a gamble. However, the longer your service managers and engineers lack access to real-time information and reports, the less likely you are to improve efficiencies in the right areas. Even initial small improvements can often mean you can complete more work from the same cost base.

2. Engineers won’t be happy.


Engineers genuinely value service management software that provides them with logical scheduling, smart route planning, and the right stock at the right time and location. Service management software and engineer job satisfaction go hand in hand. So, instead of using them as an excuse to resist implementing new solutions, involve your engineers in the process.

3. We don’t have time to implement new service management software.


I get it—service teams are often swamped with old jobs, and the last thing they want is the hassle of implementing something new. Implementing new software does require some initial time investment. However, the payoff is worth it. By upgrading your service management software, you’ll streamline scheduling, reduce administrative tasks, and save countless hours. The longer you delay, the longer you’ll endure inefficiencies.

4. We’re doing ok at the moment; we don’t need to change.


If you have real-time data and bespoke reporting capabilities backing up this claim, you may have a point. However, in my experience most businesses rely on gut feelings rather than informed decisions based on data and the larger your operation, the riskier this strategy becomes.


By implementing a new software solution, such as Service Geeni, you gain access to meaningful data that strengthens your decision-making process. It enables you to implement improvements faster and with greater confidence.

It’s been proven that having an effective service management software will help you deliver a better service.


There needs to be strong communication between service management teams and the board to ensure that when you need to upgrade your software you don’t put it off for the wrong reasons and instead work together to allocate the resources and time to choose a service management software provider that can help you deliver a real competitive advantage.

If any of the excuses I’ve mentioned resonate with you, it may be time for a change! If you want more information on Service Geeni, you can visit our website here.

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