CFTS partner with Service Geeni to automate Thorough Examinations

By Service Geeni Team | 26 Mar 2020
Thorough Examinations

CFTS partnered with Service Geeni

Recently accrediting body CFTS partnered with Service Geeni automating their Thorough Examinations. CFTS ‘Thorough Examinations’ are the industry standard for forklift truck safety checks, an integral testing procedure to ensure equipment and employee safety.

The problem with Thorough Examinations currently is that it essentially takes up a full-time job even after the test is carried out by an Engineer! The test involves heaps of paperwork and additional admin once completed. Service Geeni recognised the need for CFTS to advance their technology, improving the process for their members and as a result, have integrated it with Service Geeni service management software.

Designed to transform the way CFTS tests are carried out.

Designed to transform the way CFTS tests are carried out, automating the entire system, Service Geeni enables the job to be completed fully by the engineer onsite, recording all the necessary reporting elements on the correct forms, leaving no additional admin and reducing costs significantly. By going paperless, companies have better control and can keep track of Thorough Examinations whilst benefiting from real-time reporting. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s so much more efficient.

To benefit from this digital transformation, CFTS members simply add their CFTS number in the software and once validated, they can access all tests and certificate documentation through Service Geeni; saving time and money.

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