3 clear reasons why lockdown shouldn’t change your IT spending plans

1. IT is probably the reason you can still function as a business.

How easy it was to change to remote working and online selling shows how good your previous IT investment has been, so why would you jeopardise the future!


2. A good system supports every aspect of your operations and companies that embrace them are proven to do well.

If you planned to improve your service using technology then this is likely to be even more important. Plus, the pandemic has been good for businesses as the best systems providers moved quickly to make even more systems available ‘pay as you go’ or SaaS for the technical teams. In short, a system that makes your business more efficient and keeps your costs low and capacity high doesn’t need to be a large capital expenditure.

3. Don’t forget training is allowed for furloughed teams; and good technology helps retain the best talent; use the time wisely getting everyone trained on new systems ready for getting back to work.


Research shows those that continue to strive for growth and keep working towards their long-term plans in a tough economic climate will prosper. Research where best to use your IT budget, as it’s likely to have changed during the pandemic, simply adapt and move forward and you’re more likely to reach your original goals.


How has your IT spending or planning been affected?