Arden Construction Secures Contract

Before Service Geeni, Arden Construction were using a paper-based system to manage and allocate jobs to engineers for their range of customers. While this was manageable for their smaller clients, Arden Construction knew it was not the most efficient way to handle their larger, more complex, customer relationships.

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    Arden Construction needed a tool which would provide the following:


    • Integrate with client software
    • Manage maintenance and repair jobs as they arose
    • Allocate jobs to engineers in the field
    • Allow engineers to capture data and a signature from clients onsite
    • Record activity time spent on location
    • Automatically generate accurate invoices for their customers

    A contract with one of their biggest customers was on the line, so Arden Construction wasted no time contacting Service Geeni.


    Download our FULL Case Study to find out more about:

    Software Integration
    Improved Efficiency, Accuracy and Communication
    Customer Satisfaction
    Managing SLAs (Service Level Agreement)
    Happy Customers

    See What Arden Think:

    "Service Geeni speeds everything up. Our engineers just type in the notes, and the billing is all done through Service Geeni. We get paid quicker too – they pay us automatically now through the system – there is no need for human intervention."
    Jo, Small Works Co-ordinator
    "We are heavily KPI’d with our client, so Service Geeni helps us to monitor our performance and know immediately whether we are on track or not. For example, attending site by a given time. This is easy to track through Service Geeni because the engineers can log on as soon as they arrive on location. We didn’t have that sort of visibility before."
    James, Estimator
    "It’s so much easier to see what jobs are still live, we used to have to trawl through all the different accounts. Now we just look at Service Geeni and all the information we need is right there. It’s very useful to have that visibility. Makes our lives easier in the office."
    Jo, Small Works Co-ordinator
    "We can feed a lot of information back into the client’s system which we never did before. For example, the photos the engineers take. Previously, any photos tended to just sit on engineer’s phones. Now, we actually use them."
    Jo, Small Works Co-ordinator