How marginal improvements in service processes can make a significant difference.

By Service Geeni Team | 01 Mar 2023
How marginal improvements in service processes can make a significant difference

Did you know that improving small steps in all your processes can significantly improve your overall efficiency?


It’s called marginal gains, what might seem like marginal improvements collectively add up to a big transformation.


Take the first time fix rate in any service management operation, whether you are maintaining fork lift trucks or calibrating medical devices, when you improve small steps in your operational processes you can make big efficiency gain and dramatically improve your FTFR.


Small improvements could be anything from:
  1. Improved preventative maintenance scheduling, by consolidating visits
  2. Visibility of engineer availability, location and van parts, improving your response to urgent jobs
  3. Bespoke job forms, so you never miss an important step
  4. Pre-populated bespoke form fields, reduces admin time
  5. Automated service visit reminders, minimise cancelled visits
  6. Inventory forecasting for better parts availability
  7. Mobile software with client approval process completed onsite

When you choose a service management system which delivers marginal gains across your entire operation you improve productivity, improve first time fix rates and can ultimately deliver more work from the same cost base – so you can generate more profit.

When considering any service management system it’s important to look into the finer details, track the marginal improvements throughout each workflow process as together these can really add up. The best service management software providers will help you do this, prioritising the marginal gains that will help you achieve your business objectives first and helping you calculate a forecast return on investment from your service management system.


To find out more about all the marginal gains you can work on to improve your First Time Fix Rate read our Free E-guide here. 

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