Why your employees are just as important as your customers

Service management software can be used to create a better customer experience (CX). But, if you are spending all your time thinking about your customers and not your employees, you are probably going to make them both unhappy.  Because great CX, requires an exceptional employee experience (EX).

Here’s why your employees are just as important as your customers.

People want to work with ethical brands

Today, more and more people want to work with principled brands. And, as well as looking at how you treat the environment, they also care about how you treat your staff.

For example, only this month a BBC article exposed how Costa Coffee workers have made numerous claims alleging poor working conditions across 29 franchise stores. And, as a result, many social media users have called for people to boycott the coffee chain. In addition, the Wetherspoons pub chain has faced a backlash for its reliance on highly controversial zero-hours contracts which don’t provide staff with a living wage.

Today, customers are becoming increasingly selective about who they will (and more importantly – who they won’t) give their hard-earned cash to. The bottom line is the way you treat your people will be included in this decision.

Not giving your employees the right tech frustrates them, and your customers

Not giving your employees access to modern technology doesn’t just annoy them, it also annoys your customers. Because, without access to the right tools, you could be making it difficult for them to do their jobs. And, the harder it is for them to provide a good quality service, the more likely it is that your customers will suffer.

Let’s face it, if tasks are taking days instead of hours to complete, employees and customers are going to become more stressed and more frustrated.

Poor mental health caused by stress can also make it difficult to provide a high level of customer service. And, over time, employee frustration can lead to team members taking time off sick or quitting, and that only increases the burden on the rest of your staff.

Happy employees = better customer service

Cloud-based service management technology can be used to reduce the burden of tedious work, so employees spend less time on admin and more on tasks they enjoy. What’s more, with technology helping to cultivate new working patterns, the more it is used, the greater choice employees have about how and where they get their jobs done; and the happier they will be. And it just makes sense that happy employees create satisfied customers.

In fact, research shows that[1] companies that invest heavily in EX are ranked highly across many “best places to work” surveys. And they appear more often in customer satisfaction indexes.

Employees will be loyal to you if you’re loyal to them

If you treat your employees well, they are more likely to be loyal to your business. And loyalty should be highly valued by all employers.

Loyal employees are more likely to care about what you do and provide better customer service. And, in turn, this should result in increased growth and profits.

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[1] Jacob Morgan, The Employee Experience Advantage