What should your field service business be automating?

Automation is helping service-led companies to become more efficient and more innovative. But if you haven’t yet made the leap, where should you start? Here are some key tasks every field service business should consider automating if they want to remain successful.


Getting your invoicing system right helps to secure a healthy cashflow. So, you should look for a system that allows you to automatically generate an invoice as soon as a job is complete. By allowing engineers to mark jobs as finished directly from their mobile devices, there’s no longer any delay between completing tasks and invoicing.

What’s more, invoices are often not paid simply because they have been overlooked and forgotten about. Automated software can help by chasing up late invoices for you (and providing a reminder just before they are due).


Automated technology should be used to standardise and consolidate your contract process. For example, by generating standard contracts, automated approvals, renewals, billing, etc. However, the software must be flexible enough that you can establish any necessary variables unique to each customer.


At Service Geeni, our quoting software completely automates costing for you and provides at-a-glance profit and margin information. Travel time, time spent on a job, and any parts and materials are all costed to the job. Providing clarity to your back office team, you’ll be able to see and review the value of each customer based on their particular rates. And make informed decisions about where you need to adapt these rates.

Customer Support

When you rely on human customer service, this can be costly and time-consuming. But, a huge amount of customer service tasks are both repetitive and easy, which makes them perfect when it comes to automation. Indeed, SaaS technology can take over more basic automated tasks, freeing your customer-service employees to deal with more complex issues and provide more proactive support.

At the very least, service-led organisations should invest in customer-focused technology that automatically generates and provides information from a client-centric perspective. For example, customer dashboards, trackers and portals.

Business Intelligence

The ability to harness big data, in real-time, leads to improved performance at all levels of your organisation. So, companies that are not yet using automated business intelligence software to provide them with the most up to date and accurate data, from multiple data sources are likely to fall behind.

Stock Control

It can be challenging to keep track of inventory, particularly when engineers keep stock in their vehicles. However, when you combine our stock control software and Mobile Worker app, you can keep track of items between locations and from job to job. Engineers simply select used parts from their van, and this is automatically deducted from your inventory.


Today, business security is under threat from cybercriminals. So, using automatic monitoring tools is a must. Especially as such systems can identify unusual behaviour and stop any threats before they become a problem.


Manual processes can lead to over-complicated workflows and data inconsistencies. On the other hand, automation makes it harder for human error to occur, and where it does, provides a digital trail to help resolve any issues quickly and easily. Also, paper records are less prone to loss, misfiling, and compliance violations.

Automated Service Management Software

Service management software can help to increase your productivity by bringing all your systems together. So, rather than duplicating effort, everything is integrated and streamlined. And by using automation across your business, you’ll also reduce the burden of repetitive paperwork and admin.

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