What should you look for in a customer portal?

Today customers demand a superior level of service, and they expect to be regularly updated. In response service-led businesses are investing in client dashboards and portals to provide access to all the latest service and performance reports. But what features should you look for when choosing the best solution for you and your clients?

  • At-a-glance visual dashboards. Look for an attractive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for your customers to use the portal. It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles it has if they don’t understand what they are looking at
  • Provide a full range of data. Ensure that any outstanding jobs, KPIs and more are available and easy to understand. This will lead to improvements in customer satisfaction and retention, while also reducing the burden on your team

  • Enable the portal to be white labelled. Give your customers a portal that reflects their unique company image and brand
  • Provide bespoke metrics. Everyone has their own specific needs and priorities, so providing a one-size-fits-all dashboard can lead to frustration. As an alternative, look for a solution that lets you tailor the services offered and the information displayed according to each customer’s needs
  • Enable customer updates. Opt for a solution that lets you provide automated progress updates to customers to boost service levels, meet your key performance indicators, and keep everyone satisfied. For example, make sure you can add a note, or send a file (e.g. photo, PDF report, job sheets etc.) quickly and easily
  • Let customers interact with the system. As well as just providing data, give customers the ability to create their own jobs in the system, with notifications sent to your team for action

  • Downloadable reports. As well as providing your customers with access to their very own customer portal, opt for a solution where data can be exported as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets; so your customers can access regular and tailored reports in the format that best suits them
  • Advanced integration functionality. It doesn’t matter how good your new software is if it won’t integrate with your existing IT setup (assuming you are not starting from scratch)
  • Robust encryption. Keeping sensitive customer data safe is of the utmost importance. Make sure any solution you choose provides the necessary levels of data security and reliability.

By giving each customer the ability to see all of their key metrics, without needing to call you, you’ll boost customer service levels while reducing the burden on your customer support teams.

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