Using AI to transform customer service

When it comes to using artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service, we are only beginning to see what is possible. But you can expect significant changes over the next decade. And one thing is for sure – advancements in AI will have wide-spread consequences for organisations across the world.

AI will change how humans provide customer service

When we think about AI, we often concentrate on the technology. But one of the most exciting predictions in this area is that AI will make the human element of customer service more personal.

“There’s a huge focus on the human aspect of the customer support experience and empowering customer support professionals to create amazing experiences for their customers. One day we’re going to look back and say, ‘Wow, the way a customer service person spends their day is fundamentally different than it was five years ago.”  Rick Nucci, Guru

So, rather than worrying about how AI is going to “steal” customer service jobs, business leaders should be thinking about how great their customer support could be if their teams were freed from more mundane tasks and had access to improved data.

For example, in many service companies, customer issues are still dealt with via call/support centres. But the sheer number of calls being made can make excellent customer service tricky; particularly for non-routine calls. AI technology could provide the answer; taking over basic, mundane tasks, and freeing employees to deal with more complex issues and provide more proactive customer service.

AI will help customers to take charge of their own experience

Lots of companies are already investing in AI solutions – such as chatbots. The driver for this decision usually being that such automation reduces the burden on customer service teams. But AI doesn’t just provide a better experience for your employees, it also helps to improve the customer experience.

Today, 81% of customers try to solve their own problems before asking for support[1]. So, by deploying tools that customers can use to resolve issues on their own, you can reduce resolution times, and the wait times needed to get access to more high-quality help.

AI can help your customer service teams to become more proactive

When it comes to customer service, AI tools will soon be able to address standard queries and high-urgency situations better than any human. What’s more, AI will also be able to spot trends when dealing with customers that people are likely to miss. And this could help organisations to respond to any issues before they become a problem.

AI and customer service teams will work together

As we look to the future, it’s those service-led businesses that know how best to use AI and people together that will truly succeed. Because technology is all well and good, but it must be able to identify when it has reached its limits and hand over to a real person.

Ultimately, it’s about creating the best possible experience for your customers by minimising their effort and their stress levels, while meeting their needs.

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Cloud-based service management software is bringing AI and people together

With cloud-powered service management software, such integration is already possible. And, as AI continues to advance, its potential is only going to increase. As such interoperability between devices, systems and people is now a must if you want to future-proof your business and evolve with the development of AI in the upcoming years.

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[1] Zendesk