The challenges of service management software

Service management software has become an essential part of most successful businesses. And, with the evolution of cloud computing, the value of such software is only going to increase; especially as cloud solutions offer an accessible entry point for smaller organisations.

At the same time, the functionality of service management software is getting more sophisticated. So, more and more companies are using applications to do more and more things.

This includes things like:

But, despite the advanced capabilities of service management software, implementing it into a business is not without challenges. Here are our top tips to help you navigate these difficulties and ensure a successful outcome.

Don’t over complicate things

While, once-upon-a-time, it was tempting to build your own apps, this approach is quickly going out of favour. In fact, one of the reasons why there is increased adoption of service management products is because there is a shift from on-premises applications to SaaS. SaaS is affordable, easy to get up and running and simple to use. As such, it’s ideal for businesses that don’t want the hassle of running their own servers or the worry about maintenance and upgrades.

Don’t try to cobble things together

Today, modern businesses use software to help with a broad range of tasks including accounting, invoicing, controlling stock, internal and customer communications, scheduling engineers, tracking jobs, and managing contracts. But, if you genuinely want to realise the potential of technology, and use it to make more substantial improvements to your business, it is worth considering an integrated service management solution rather than trying to patch different applications together.

Don’t try to shake things up too quickly

While SaaS can revolutionise the way you do business, to make sure you don’t frustrate your employees you have to ensure a smooth transition to any new technology. At Service Geeni, our service management software is designed to be as intuitive as possible. So, while we deliver advanced capabilities and business analytics, from a user point of view simplicity is vital.

Concerns about security

Data protection is big news and the damage to your bottom line should you fail to keep valuable information secure can’t be underestimated. As such, concerns about security is one of the primary factors stopping businesses from adopting cloud-based service management software.

But, in reality, any good cloud-based software provider will make security a key priority. It’s in their business interests to do so! For example, at Service Geeni we have a reliable, secure infrastructure in place that far outstrips what most companies would be able to build for themselves. Indeed, significant investment would be needed to make an onsite solution match the security and reliability of our services.

However, not all cloud service providers are created equal. So, make sure you appoint an ISO27001 certified and trustworthy provider, committed to safeguarding your data. To protect your business, you should also undertake due diligence to ensure your provider understands what’s needed to ensure data protection compliance and avoid risking hefty fines. To help you with this, get them to commit to an acceptable level of security as part of your SLA.

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