The benefits of subscription-based service management software

Service management software helps companies to run their business and serve their customers better. But it’s about more than helping with tasks such as job management, scheduling, customer relationship management and invoicing. The best field management software also provides organisations with one interconnected system that monitors and shares information. So, everyday tasks and processes can be standardised and streamlined.

Traditionally, when it came to buying service management software, on-premise solutions were popular. With this approach, a company would purchase, host and manage the software itself. However, in today’s increasingly digital world, cloud-based service management software – which is bought on a subscription basis – is becoming the option of choice for many service companies.

Here’s why:

The cost of purchasing an on-premise system is too high for many businesses

On-premise solutions are typically more suitable to larger organisations with complex needs. This is because they need a pre-built IT infrastructure with servers, network equipment etc. However, the costs of installation and upgrades can be high (not to mention complex).

Cloud-based field management software is typically less expensive, with no significant investment in licenses or infrastructure needed. Instead, products tend to be priced on a per user per month basis. This payment model helps to create a more transparent cashflow, with everything you need delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The cloud also provides reduced costs over time, as you don’t have to fork out on expensive infrastructure upgrades and ongoing management.

You just pay for what you need

The cloud is scalable, so you pick the functionality you need. Indeed, with flexible subscription-based pricing models, you’ll only ever pay for what you use, and your solution can be scaled up or down without any fuss.

On-premise systems can quickly go out of date.

Organisations are becoming increasingly frustrated with less-sophisticated legacy systems that simply take offline tasks and put them online. So, employees still have to complete tedious admin and fill in forms, just via a computer or mobile device. And that’s where cloud-based field management software can help.

With the cloud, you get access to enterprise-level tech at an affordable price. And you don’t have to worry about keeping your IT leading-edge. Software upgrades happen automatically and instantaneously, so you are always ahead of the crowd.

54% believe that an “As a Service” approach for mobile hardware, as opposed to paying out in advance with a large, one-off capital expenditure, would help them to purchase up to date technology more quickly[1].

The cloud is more reliable and more secure

Cloud-based service management systems provide automated backup services and best-in-class recovery processes. So your data remains robust, safe and secure.

Indeed, cloud vendors make security a priority and will have a reliable, secure infrastructure in place. More often than not this will far outstrip what most businesses would be able to build, with substantial investment required to make an in-house solution meet the security and reliability of business-standard cloud applications.

The cloud helps you to remain agile

Business is always evolving. And in a competitive market, your technology has to keep up. Traditional on-premise software can be complicated and costly to change. But, with the cloud, your IT will support business flexibility rather than hinder it. Put simply, the cloud enables the easy scaling of applications and services, as and when required, based on your changing business needs.

The cloud supports mobile working

Service companies are inherently mobile. So, the technology you use must support mobile working.

78% of UK technology buyers said they would be interested in a subscription-based solution to equip mobile workforces[2].

With the cloud-based service management technology, your staff will be able to fill in electronic forms using any mobile device, and this information will sync with your back-office systems.

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[1] Opinion Matters on behalf of Panasonic Toughbook

[2] Opinion Matters on behalf of Panasonic Toughbook