The benefits of smarter inventory tracking

It can be challenging to keep track of inventory. Most businesses that have been running for some time have legacy systems to help them manage their operations. But all too often, these systems – which might have been cutting edge at the time of implementation – are now outdated, overly-complex and inefficient.

However, when it comes to stock management, there is a smarter way. One that can address the most common inventory management challenges.

Stock forecasting

Projecting and planning for peaks in customer demand is crucial to maintaining a successful business. And to keep customers happy. On the other hand, poor planning and stock forecasting can have far-reaching negative consequences on your business’s operations, growth and reputation.

Keeping track of stock in vehicles

When products are coming and going – for example when engineers keep stock in their vehicles – inventory tracking can be tricky.

Managing expiration dates

The issue of expiration dates on ageing materials and products can be a real concern. For example, just how do you ensure that the right products are shipped in the correct order so you meet the expectations of customers, but aren’t left with unusable goods?

Wasted time

All too often, stock is managed incorrectly. And there is a lack of care over missing or misplacing the odd item. But, over time these costs soon add up. And, just one item a month could cost your business thousands over the course of a year.

Inefficient inventory tracking can lead to mistakes, stock issues, hold-ups, and lost or misplaced products. But your problems don’t stop there. A poorly managed warehouse also has a knock-on effect on your mobile workers who would sooner be getting on with the job in hand than chasing up parts and/or products. Furthermore, unproductive processes ultimately lead to poor service and angry customers.

Smarter inventory tracking from Service Geeni

The good news for businesses that need to manage stock is that there is a smarter solution.

Indeed, with a comprehensive stock management system from Service Geeni, you have the ability to manage multiple stock locations effectively and completely. So, from stock, sales, purchasing, and fulfilment, each stage of your operations will be as efficient as possible.

With our system you can:

  • Access your real-time inventory information from anywhere, on any internet enabled device. So your employees can check whether the parts and products they need are available
  • Benefit from online order processing via mobile devices. So your employees get the parts they need as quickly as possible
  • Enjoy impressive forecasting
  • Manage multiple stock locations
  • Set maximum, minimum and reorder levels for each item
  • Ensure you always know what’s available, and have all the parts you need
  • Keep track of your stock value and expiration dates
  • Keep track of items between locations and from job to job. Your employees simply select used parts from their van, and this is automatically deducted from your inventory

The benefits of smarter inventory tracking

With access to smart, mobile inventory tracking, you’ll cut out wasteful processes, reduce loss, and only ever spend what you need.

What’s more, knowing what stock you have available, and exactly where it is, will save your business a huge amount of time. And free from the burden of chasing up what they need, your employees will be free to get on with the job in hand.

Also, because all the inventory data you need is stored in the cloud, your people can access and update this wherever they are. So they don’t need to come into the office to share info.

This will mean your employees are less frustrated and your customers are happier.

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