Ten reasons to move to the cloud

Service organisations across the UK are abandoning on-premise software and making the switch to the cloud. Here are ten reasons why:

1.The cloud helps you to become more agile

Business is always evolving. And in a competitive market, your technology has to keep up. Traditional on-premise software can be complicated and costly to change. But, with the cloud, your IT will support business flexibility rather than hinder it.

2.The cloud helps you to become more profitable

Providing excellent service can be challenging, but it should be profitable. Cloud software such as scheduling tools, PPM modules, mobile worker apps, stock control and asset management software can help you to reduce waste and boost your bottom line. Find out how.

3.The cloud helps to support a stable cashflow

Cloud-based service management software is provided as a pay-as-you subscription. This ensures that your software spend is predictable. There are no hidden or unexpected costs.

4.Cloud computing is cost-effective

As well as the upfront spend, the cloud also provides economic benefits over time. For example, with the cloud, there is no need to employ staff to manage your software and you don’t have to worry about licensing fees, upgrades or fixes.

5.The cloud supports mobile working

Service companies are inherently mobile. So the technology you use must support mobile working. Find out how mobile technology is shaping service businesses.

6.The cloud enables greater collaboration

In today’s world, collaboration is more critical than ever. With the cloud, everyone can connect from anywhere using any device. But the cloud doesn’t just boost communication; it also ensures everyone has access to the same data. And that this data is updated in real-time.  By consolidating all your valuable information, and sharing it across your business, this helps to tackle the problem of data silos.

7.The cloud gives you access to the latest technology

With the cloud, you get access to enterprise-level tech at an affordable price. And you don’t have to worry about keeping your IT leading-edge. Software upgrades happen automatically and instantaneously, so you are always ahead of the crowd.

8.The cloud supports business growth

Put simply, the cloud enables the easy scaling of applications and services, as and when required, based on your changing business needs. Furthermore, you only pay for what you need and can scale at pace.

9.The cloud offers high levels of security

In our data-driven world, security has never been more important, and it’s vital to ensure compliance to avoid risking hefty fines and damage to your reputation. Cloud vendors make security a priority and will have a reliable, secure infrastructure in place. More often than not this will far outstrip what most businesses would be able to build, with substantial investment required to make an in-house solution meet the security and reliability of business-standard cloud applications. To ensure your cloud software provider understands the risks and what’s needed to minimise your exposure, they should commit to an acceptable level of security as part of your SLA.

10.The cloud lets you consolidate your IT architecture

Managing disparate technologies is a problem for most organisations. As such, you must look to eliminate multiple data sources and processes. With the cloud, you can standardise with one technology partner and system – while meeting the specific needs of each team. This offers complete integration throughout all your processes, rather than trying to patch different applications together.

When you consider these advantages, it’s not hard to see how cloud computing can provide you with a competitive edge over other organisations.

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