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If you have a question about our server management software, we’re here to help.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, and it refers to any cloud-based service delivered over the internet. SaaS applications are sometimes referred to as web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software. Today, modern businesses use SaaS to help with a broad range of tasks. If you want to make improvements via SaaS, it is worth considering an integrated service manager solution rather than trying to cobble different applications together.

How much does SaaS cost?

Less than you might think. At Service Geeni we charge you a subscription to use the software. The price you pay depends on the size of your business and the number of users. With everything you need accessible over the internet – and no need to install and maintain the software you need to run your business – it’s a compelling option for businesses of all sizes.

How easy is the software to implement?

Very. That’s because, with SaaS, you don’t have to worry about designing and developing a complex bespoke solution. Instead, you can tap into a tried and tested system that is ready to use. Our SaaS systems can also be customised and white-labelled to suit the needs of your business and brand; all while retaining a familiar web-based interface.

Is SaaS safe?

Security concerns have thwarted cloud adoption, with many businesses preferring to keep their business-critical software and hardware onsite. However, with robust cloud encryption available, this approach is riskier than storing it with a SaaS service provider. At Service Geeni we make security a key priority. It’s in our business interests to do so! We have a reliable, secure infrastructure in place that far outstrips what most companies would be able to build for themselves. Indeed, significant investment would be needed to make an onsite solution match the security and reliability of our SaaS services.

What levels of support are provided?

We monitor your software 24/7. So you can be confident that your business-critical operations are always being taken care of. With our managed approach, experts are looking after your system all the time, making sure it’s running smoothly and quickly. So, even where there is an issue, in most cases you won’t even know about it.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we make sure you have everything you need to maximise your cloud-powered software. This includes a range of handy videos, as well as a schedule of courses (open to all), and bespoke packages that we can run on-site with you.

How easy is it to use?

It doesn’t matter how great your technology is if your people don’t know how to use it. So, as well as looking at the features of any software you invest in, we make sure it’s also easy to understand and simple to use.

Can I use service management software in our warehouse?

Yes. With a comprehensive stock management system hosted securely over the internet – from stock, sales, purchasing, and fulfilment – each stage of your warehouse operations will be as efficient as possible.

Can I manage equipment service schedules using the system?

Yes. Our software lets you manage your service, installation, repair and hire contracts with ease.

Can I schedule work for my field service team?

Yes. With our service management software, you can schedule and control multiple jobs, engineers, and vehicles, with a system that plans the ideal distribution of work and determines the most effective routes.

Can I invoice using the software?

Yes, and, because you can invoice from the software, usually via email, you’ll reduce your admin burden and postage costs. Once done, our software then posts this data into your existing accounts software.

Can the software link to my accounts software?

Yes, and when you work with us, we’ll establish whether your existing systems are compatible with the new application and make sure that they seamlessly link.

Does the software have a web portal where my clients can access job information?

Yes. Helping you to provide a fast and seamless service, our software allows for the secure transfer of critical customer and job information between field engineers (via mobile devices and cloud services) and multiple offices in real time.

Can I create job quotations?

Yes, with our service management software you can create, edit and issue quotes quickly and easily, and then convert those accepted quotes directly into new jobs.

Can I email invoices and other documents to my clients?

Yes. Our service management software comes with the ability to deploy integrated email invoicing.

Can I track my field service team?

Yes. Providing complete visibility, you’ll always know where your field workers are, based on their most recent update. So you can optimise schedules to improve service and efficiency. You can also give the latest information to customers on engineer arrival or delivery times, respond proactively to urgent jobs, and identify potential problems before they happen.

Is the software available in other languages?

Yes we offer multiple languages, including English, German, French, Hindi, Norwegian and Swedish. We also have others planned for future.

Can I create an SLA for a client?

Yes. You can create SLAs and determine response times for sites, equipment and contracts.