Are you burning too much time managing sub-contractor work?

With Service Geeni, scheduling a job with a sub-contractor is as simple as allocating it to one of your own engineers. Eliminate admin and experience full transparency. Easier for you, your customers and your sub-contractors.

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New Sub-contractor Module

Service Geeni's NEW Sub-contractor Module

Illustrative image of a coloured dashboard with a map and engineer location and schedule in the Field Service Management Tool Service Geeni.

Allocate Jobs to External Engineers

Our new sub-contractor module allows you to share job information with the subcontractor without giving them access to the full system. Simply send a link to the engineer, which they can access on any device.

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Have Visibility of Job Status

The sub-contracted engineer can feedback live status updates, job notes, images, and complete any forms attached to that job. Which means you have full visibility on the status of the job as it progresses.

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Handle POs and Invoices Easily

Booking a job through the sub-contractor portal will automatically raise a PO for finance, meaning you can keep close track of the jobs you are allocating to your contractors and the jobs you are being billed for. What’s more, an invoice will automatically be drafted with job notes ready for you to send to your customer.

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Sub-contractor Module FAQs

Do I have to buy the sub-contractor engineer a licence for Service Geeni?
No, you don't. Once you've paid for the sub-contractor module, you can use it with a number of sub-contractor companies, no matter how many engineers you use from that company. Talk to one of our representatives to find out more about pricing and what usage you will need.
Will the external engineer get access to our Service Geeni account?
No, they will only have access to the job you have allocated to them.
Will my customer know I am using a sub-contrator?
Not unless you tell them! Your customer will receive the usual job details and invoice, as if you had used an internal engineer.
Can the sub-contract engineer have access to the forms we need them to fill out?
Absolutely. You can customise the information you send the external engineers, including what forms you want them to fill out and what images you need them to return to you.

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