Signs that you are offering great customer service

For most service industries, it is getting harder and harder to compete. With an aggressive marketplace and evolving customer expectations forcing you to pull out all the stops. In response, delivering excellent customer service has never been more critical. Not least because word-of-mouth remains key. So, how can be sure that your efforts are paying off and that your customers are happy?

Your customers tell you they are

Customer ratings are a great way for the people you serve to tell you how you are doing. As such you should look to make it easy for them to feedback on the service they receive. Crucially, when customers tell you about their experiences, you must use this knowledge to address any issues and improve.

Feedback can also be used to help boost your bottom line. Because once you know what your customers want, you can give it to them. This can open up new revenue streams that you might never have thought about.

You are responding quickly to customer issues

Your response time when dealing with customer issues, calls and emails is crucial. Nothing is likely to frustrate customers more than feeling as if they are being ignored.

Today, technology can be used to support your customer service teams and boost response times. For example, AI chatbots, automated updates and other tools can be deployed as the first point of call. Just make sure that the customer is moved swiftly from a digital experience to an interaction with a human when necessary. Find out more.

You provide instant access to information

People are information hungry, and they don’t want to be kept waiting. Customer portals are one way to provide instant access to customers so that they can see their real-time data whenever they want. This also reduces the burden on your support team as customers become self-reliant with their queries without having to pick up the phone or send an email. Less stressful employees and happier customers all round? That’s a win-win.

You have a high conversion rate

When it comes to attracting new business, your conversion rate is key. Following an interaction with your business you should be able to analyse who makes a purchase or moves to the next stage in their buyer journey, or who drops off.

You have a high number of repeat customers

Acquiring new customers is important, but retaining them boosts profitable growth. So, while it can be tempting to concentrate on making new sales, giving attention to your existing customers is essential if you want to keep your business thriving. Moreover, as it costs six to seven times more to obtain a new customer than to keep an existing one, using all the tools at your disposal to retain a larger percentage of your business, for a longer life cycle, is just good sense.

You are better than your competitors

Modern customers will shop around before making a purchase. So you need to provide better customer service than your competition. Take the time to invest in some competitor research and find out why people choose you over the rest. But don’t get complacent, continual improvement is vital if you want to stay ahead in this game!

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