Service management technology can save you time and money

All too often, service managers find their day-to-day operations upturned due to unforeseen emergencies and firefighting problems. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Service management software offers a smarter, and more efficient way to do business. And that can save you time and money.

For example, service management software can help you to:

  • Boost the productivity of your mobile workforce
  • Maximise the efficiency of your fleet
  • Simplify your backend processes
  • Make customer support easier and more efficient.

Boost the productivity of your mobile workforce

Optimising productivity from your staff in the field is a top priority for all service-led companies. Not just because it helps you to deliver a better service to your customers, but also because doing so makes your mobile workforce more productive and improves your bottom line.

Service management technology can help you by:

  • Enabling the secure transfer of critical customer and job information between field engineers and back-office staff via mobile devices, in real-time. So, your mobile employees spend less time in the office and more time servicing clients
  • Allowing you to send updates to mobile employees during the day should priorities change
  • Empowering engineers to allocate parts, create new jobs, complete work and send invoices immediately after completion with no fuss
  • Making sure you have all the information necessary to allocate the most suitable engineer for every job.

Maximise the efficiency of your fleet

For service businesses, it can be time-consuming, costly and frustrating to manage your fleet using nothing but traditional methods such as phone calls and paperwork. And, of course, this approach makes keeping on top of fuel costs and expenses challenging.

Service management technology can help you by:

  • Making it easy to plan the most efficient routes and delivery schedules
  • Identifying if there are roadworks to avoid or delays that could impact your productivity
  • Providing complete visibility of your fleet in real-time (so you can provide the latest information to customers on engineer arrival or delivery times)
  • Providing access to actionable data that can be used to improve driver behaviour, reduce travel time, fuel bills, running costs and mileage. And to lessen your impact on the environment. This helps to save you money when it comes to maintenance and fuel costs.

Simplify your backend processes

Service management software can help to increase your productivity by bringing all your systems together. So, rather than duplicating effort, everything is integrated and streamlined.

Service management technology can help to do this by:

  • Using automation to reduce the burden of repetitive paperwork and admin
  • Reducing the likelihood of errors (and the time needed to fix these)
  • Bringing all your systems together. So, you no longer have to duplicate effort (e.g. engineers can fill in electronic forms using a mobile device, and this information is then automatically and immediately synced with back-office systems)
  • Making it easy to collaborate across departments and offices with an interconnected system that monitors and shares information.

Make customer support easier and more efficient

Customers demand a higher level of service than ever before. And they expect to be regularly updated. But meeting this need can be costly and time-consuming.

Service management technology can help by:

  • Providing access to a 24/7 customer portal, so everyone always knows what’s happening. Indeed, by giving each customer the ability to see all of their key metrics, without needing to call you, you’ll boost customer service levels while reducing the burden on your team
  • Giving you access to all the data you need to be able to keep the customer informed about any changes/delays (thus reducing the time your team spends dealing with angry, uninformed customers)
  • Making it easier for you to track and predict when a product might require maintenance and/or replacement. So, you can provide more proactive customer service without having to spend more money
  • Taking over more basic automated tasks, and freeing your customer-service employees to deal with more complex issues
  • Providing you with a deeper insight into each customer’s needs. So, you can tailor your service and support accordingly without having to spend more money.

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