Service management modules – what do you need?

Today, cloud-based service management software is becoming an integral part of most successful SMEs. But, if you genuinely want to use software to make improvements to your organisation, it is worth considering an integrated solution rather than trying to cobble different applications together.

So, what modules are available to help build this system and deliver holistic enhancements to your business?

Job management and tracking software

With job management software, it’s easy to keep track of jobs. So you can manage your service, installation, repair and hire contracts with ease. Furthermore, because everyone has access to the latest updates, in real-time, your customers will always know what’s happening – leading to higher levels of satisfaction and efficiency. Look out for job management and tracking software that comes with simple job logging, and which generates accurate status updates and business intelligence data.

Scheduling software

Service-led businesses have to balance a range of scheduled and reactive work; from planned maintenance and larger scale projects to urgent fixes. Easy to use resource scheduling software can help you to balance your work schedule, so that you can deliver the best service possible, to all your customers. Look out for scheduling software that boasts an attractive, user-friendly interface, with drag and drop functionality.

Mobile engineer app

If your engineers are spending lots of time in your office, then they are not out keeping your customers happy. Help your engineers to become more productive with a Mobile Worker app that removes the need for mobile workers to come into the office to share business-critical information. Instead, everything they require can be accessed remotely. Look out for a mobile worker app that lets you allocate jobs and reduce the time spent on paperwork while enabling regular status updates.

Invoicing software

Too many businesses spend too much of their valuable time on repetitive and mundane tasks. However, with the right cloud-based invoicing software, the admin load is significantly reduced. Look for a solution that makes invoicing easy, while reducing the delay between completing tasks and invoicing.

Quoting software

From planned maintenance and larger scale projects to urgent fixes, deploy software that lets you cost jobs more accurately. Your quoting software should not only help you to do this, but it should also help you to keep track of costs. So you can win more jobs, improve decision making, and ultimately, boost your profitability.

Preventative Maintenance (PPM) software

Planned maintenance is both complex and time-consuming. But a PPM module can reduce the burden by helping you to manage this process more efficiently. Delivering improved insights, by enabling more predictive maintenance look for a solution that lets you manage your maintenance schedules and helps you to benefit from more accurate information.

Business intelligence software

The ability to harness big data leads to improved performance at all levels of your organisation. So, companies that are not yet using software to provide them with the most up to date and accurate data, from multiple data sources are likely to fall behind. Business intelligence software will help to improve decision making with access to interactive visual dashboards that allow you to turn information into actionable insights that boost profitability.

Equipment and asset management

Keeping a complete inventory of your equipment and assets is essential to meet safety and compliance requirements. What’s more, without knowing what you have, where, and in what condition, it’s impossible to ensure efficient working practices. Equipment and asset management software provides everything you need to take control of your assets. So you always know what you have, and when maintenance needs to happen.

Stock control software

An inefficient warehouse can lead to mistakes, stock issues, hold-ups, and lost or misplaced products, but your problems don’t stop there. A poorly managed warehouse also has a knock-on effect on your engineers who would sooner be getting on with the job in hand than chasing up parts. Furthermore, unproductive processes ultimately lead to poor service and angry customers. Optimise the efficiency of your operations with a comprehensive stock management system. So from stock, sales, purchasing, and fulfilment, each stage of your operations become as efficient as possible.

Purchase order software

If you have to order parts or materials it is essential to raise and approve POs as quickly as possible. Deploy PO software that lets you create and approve purchase orders in seconds; helping you to simplify the process and save time.

Mobile engineer tracking

Keeping you in the picture, with mobile engineer tracking software, workers are location tagged, so that you can keep a closer eye on all your mobile employees. Leading to more informed decision making, you’ll also be able to assign tasks to the right engineers using location and scheduling data. For example, you’ll be able to automatically calculate the distance between the job and the nearest available engineer.

Cloud-based customer portal

Today’s customers demand a higher level of service, and they expect to be regularly updated. With a cloud-based customer dashboard, you can provide all the latest service and performance reports. Ultimately, this will help you to meet evolving customer expectations, and attract and retain more customers, without placing any additional burden on your team. Look for a solution that provides at-a-glance visual dashboards and reports, and which gives customers the ability to create their own jobs in the system, with notifications sent to your team for action.


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