How to run your business with Service Management Software

Cloud-based service management software delivers enormous benefits to businesses; helping to boost any operation that wants to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and efficiency.

In fact, for one affordable monthly cost, service-led SaaS (Software as a Service) tools have the potential to improve ALL your business processes. Here are just a few ways it can help.

Warehouse Management Software

You can optimise the efficiency of your warehouse with a comprehensive stock management system hosted securely over the internet. With a SaaS warehouse manager – from stock, sales, purchasing, and fulfilment – each stage of your warehouse operations will be as efficient as possible.

  • Access real-time inventory information from anywhere, on any internet enabled device.
  • Maximise operational effectiveness with impressive stock forecasting.
  • Manage stock locations
  • Provide automated order updates to customers
  • Facilitate online order processing via mobile devices.

Finance and Accounting Applications

As companies look to reduce their overhead costs – while extending functionality – cloud-based financial software is becoming an attractive option.

  • Record sales and receipts
  • Track cash flow with access to real-time financial information
  • Create and edit invoices quickly and easily
  • Deploy integrated email invoicing
  • Connect to your bank accounts
  • Manage VAT and submit returns to HMRC online
  • Automate financial processes
  • Integrate seamlessly with other SaaS applications
  • Smooth the switch to digital tax accounting.

Business Intelligence Software

It’s easy to improve decision making, with business intelligence software.

  • Improve decision making with access to the most up to date and accurate data, from multiple data sources
  • Filter and analyse a wide-range of data quickly and easily
  • Access interactive visual dashboards
  • Tailor reports and analytics to match each individual’s specific role and needs
  • Access from anywhere, so engineers have everything they need when out on site
  • Analyse trends and insights to optimise the performance of each element of your operation.

Training Software

Training Manager Software can be used to support a wide-range of activities including LGV, forklift, and manual handling training.

  • Securely store all your forms, files and information in the cloud
  • Ensure candidate training is up to date
  • Easily manage multiple training records
  • Provide effective KPI tracking
  • Set goals and evaluate employee performance.

Helping you better manage tasks and workflows – ultimately leading to improved productivity – today, modern businesses use SaaS to help with a broad range of functions. But, if you want to make larger scale improvements via SaaS, it is worth considering an integrated service manager solution. This provides end to end integration throughout all your processes, rather than trying to cobble different applications together.

SaaS Service Manager Software

A total workforce and business management solution for service, maintenance, and installation organisations, service management software can help you to develop agile practices that increase your efficiency, optimise your workforce, and boost your sales. As well as the software specific benefits listed above, this includes thing like:

  • Providing customers with access to a secure web portal for viewing their management information
  • Easy service desk management and engineer scheduling
  • Easy ordering, job booking, contract management and scheduling
  • Quickly diagnosing any issues and implementing preventative maintenance
  • Improved maintenance and engineer scheduling and routing.

You also benefit from:

  • Access to previously unaffordable software and tools with no upfront capital investment
  • Automated backup services and best-in-class recovery processes
  • The ability to add functionality as your business grows
  • Access to the latest software, without hefty upgrade costs
  • Achieve 99.9% uptime with Service Geeni

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