Now is the time to switch to the IIOT

We have been talking about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for some time now. The basic premise behind the IIoT is an easy one. It describes a world which harnesses technologies, processes, physical objects, and services to create an interconnected system that monitors and shares information to develop new and innovative industrial applications. And, this connected system will eventually be used in most, if not all businesses; leading to cost savings, new revenue streams, and enhanced productivity.

But, over the past five years, the technology powering the fourth industrial revolution has evolved faster than we imagined. As such, modern IIoT technology is now being used by manufacturers and other service-led operations across the world to address business challenges and solve them

In fact, the merging of cloud technology, advanced analytics, big data, AI, automation, and augmented reality is opening up a world of innovation for service-led organisations.

For example, by using machine sensors, the lifespan and productivity of manufacturing equipment can be maximised, with the ability to prescribe just-in-time maintenance and repairs.

Indeed, at a time where competition is putting massive pressure on budgets and deadlines, being able to maximise productivity and performance wherever possible has never been more critical. It’s no wonder, therefore, that when it comes to the IIoT, predictive maintenance (PdM) could be an ideal entry point.

Crucially, the IIoT is also bringing business and production operations into closer alignment by offering previously unimaginable levels of responsiveness, interoperability, visibility, and control.

Furthermore, by allowing manufacturers to build in more service components, it is also changing the relationship between producers and consumers. Opening up new lines of revenue and creating value for the customer by adding services to a product. Find out more about adapting to a service-centred approach.

However, while the IIoT is already delivering enormous benefits to service-led organisations, it’s not without challenges. In a fast-paced and competitive marketplace, service-led companies don’t have the time or resources to waste on long, complex deployments. They need to get up and running as soon as possible, and be able to adapt quickly to changes in requirements and product lines.

The good news is that cloud technology offers a flexible and scalable way to move into the IIoT without any fuss. Just as important, embracing the IIoT doesn’t have to be expensive. By working with an expert partner like Service Geeni, you can start small and grow your IIoT deployment for one affordable monthly fee. So you benefit from flexible, easily deployed technology that provides real business value.

Don’t be left behind

With developments in the cloud giving smaller and medium-sized businesses access to previously unaffordable software and tools, if you want to move to the IIoT now is the time to make the switch or risk being left behind.

As cloud solutions evolve, at Service Geeni, our innovative Service Management Software uses advanced analytics to deliver improved insights that will take your service led business to the next level.