Making your whole business digitally aware

Once upon a time, the technology your organisation used was probably the sole remit of your IT department. But today, technology is not just an add-on to your operations. It lies at the beating heart of your business. If you are not convinced, just think what a failure in your IT systems would do to your company! As such, it is now crucial that your whole business in digitally aware.

So what can you do to ensure your workforce and management team have a reasonable level of digital knowledge and understanding?

Don’t take digital literacy for granted

Technology is a crucial part of most people’s jobs. And it’s likely that your staff will have a certain level of skill when it comes to basic digital processes and tools. But, while working with software and digital devices comes naturally to younger employees, it’s essential to actively train your whole workforce so that older employees are not left behind.

Consider whether everyone in your business has the level of ability needed to use technology in their specific job. And, with technology evolving rapidly, if you want to succeed long term, make training a core part of your ongoing strategy.

Create a digital culture

As well as asking your staff to use tech, it is vital that you make it clear to everyone how any investment relates to your broader business objectives. For example, Service Management Software (SMS) can be used to make a whole range of processes simpler. And, this helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Show people how technology can help make their jobs easier on a day-to-day basis, and make clear the business benefits it will bring.

Make it easy for people to get on board

To create a culture that embraces technology, it is vital to get all your employees onside. This means investing in tech that is easy to use, which comes with accessible support, and which enhances – rather than hinders – tried and tested business processes. Your employees must feel confident in using the tools you provide them with. There is no point investing in tech if it doesn’t get used.

Lead by example

If there is any hope of creating employee buy-in when it comes to using technology, management teams must lead by example. How can you expect employees to accept the value of technology if they see their leaders treating it as an afterthought? Managers should be consistently vocal about their support for technology and the benefits it will bring.

Enhance collaboration to boost buy-in

Today’s employees want a bigger say when it comes to deciding which technologies are used in a business. But they are not always consulted when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Regular meetings and other ways to provide feedback on how IT is working (and where it is not) will empower employees, boost morale and help to get everyone on board. Not to mention provide invaluable insights into how to improve.

Of course, an employee in one department is likely to have different needs and objectives compared to a colleague in another department.  So, to ensure buy-in and maximise usage, it’s also vital that you understand and cater to these distinct requirements.

Think about security

Data security issues are rarely out of the headlines. So, as well as putting robust processes and security measures in place, it is vital that all your employees understand their data protection responsibilities. And the consequences of non-compliance.

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