Service Geeni Maintenance Software

Maintenance management software to keep your machinery and your operations running smoothly.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Reactive Maintenance Stock & Parts Invoicing Testing & Calibration Job Quoting Engineer Mobile App Reporting… and much more.

Whatever your industry, if servicing is a big part of your business, Service Geeni is here for you.


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What Can Service Geeni Do For You?

Avoid Unnecessary Breakdowns

Maintenance is all about keeping equipment healthy to avoid more serious issues down the line. But it can be difficult to manage, especially if you have a high volume of assets. Service Geeni, maintenance tracking software, reminds you when and what maintenance is needed, so you don’t have to rely on memory or manual processes. Be proactive rather than reactive and save time and money on avoidable breakdowns.

Explore Our Scheduling Module
Illustrated image of organised list colour coded for priority within field service management software.
Illustrative image of a coloured dashboard with a map and engineer location and schedule in the Field Service Management Tool Service Geeni.

Improve Your Operational Efficiency

An important part of maintenance is managing your workforce of engineers. When a task arises, you need to make sure you send the right person to the job. We also know that the best engineer for the job may not be simply the closest engineer. That’s why Service Geeni’s scheduling module let’s you look at engineer skillset, certifications, job history, availability… as well as considering their current location.

Explore Our Job Management Module

Give Your Engineers the Best Tool

Once on-site, the Service Geeni mobile app gives your chosen engineer all the information they need for the job. Including access to stock and parts data, service history, and previous job notes. Our mobile app also works offline, for those times Wi-Fi is slow or non-existent. As soon as the engineer is back in Wi-Fi range they can synch their updates. Give your engineers the tools they need to perform a first time fix.

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Illustrated image of a schedule with multiple coloured icons showing different parts of equipment, suggesting planned preventative maintenance. Within field service management tool.

Always Have the Right Parts To Hand

Be in control of parts and stock across your business. From giving engineers the option to order parts on the job, to placing orders automatically for low stock items. We know having the right part to hand can be the difference between 20 minutes of downtime and 2 days of downtime. Service Geeni ensures your engineers have access to critical parts when you need them the most.

Manage Parts & Stock

Keep Your Customers Happy

As in any relationship, good communication goes a long way with customers. Service Geeni helps you communicate job status with customers via the customer portal. As well as enabling your office staff to send invoices and quotes directly through the system, for improved efficiency, accuracy and transparency. These small improvements can have a huge impact when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Maintain Your Relationships
Illustrated image of a signed agreement with an invoice and log of conversations within field service management software.
Illustrated image of a dashboard with multiple icons and a pie chart depicting Service Geeni field service management software dashboards.

Make Life Easier

Deliver information that is important to stakeholders and customers with our custom reports. Proactively demonstrate how valuable and productive your team is, as well as spotting potential for improvement. Experience life with less paperwork, improved visibility, real-time reporting, and excellent communication. That is a world your whole team will enjoy.

Reduce Your Stress

We wouldn't be able to maintain the building and equipment as efficiently as we do if we didn't have Service Geeni... Yes, we would recommend Service Geeni.

Edward Smith - Director of Facilities, Clarks US

We are heavily KPI'd with our client, so Service Geeni helps us to monitor our performance and know immediately whether we are on track or not. For example, attending site by a given time. This is easy to track through Service Geeni because the engineers can log on as soon as they arrive on location. We didn't have that sort of visibility before.

James - Estimator, Arden Construction

After talking to Service Geeni and other potential providers we chose Service Geeni as we are confident their solution will suit our immediate and future needs being able to integrate everything we do into one system.

Adam and the team were very helpful throughout the process and provided us with informative demonstrations whenever we requested one, which reassured us that Service Geeni was the right fit for our business.

IT & Communications Manager, Liftmaster

It's so much easier to see what jobs are still live, we used to have to trawl through all the different accounts. Now we just look at Service Geeni and all the information we need is right there. It's very useful to have that visibility. Makes our lives easier in the office.

Jo - Small Works Co-ordinator, Arden Construction

Service Geeni has made a big difference to the financial strength of the operation. The availability of cost reports on maintenance contracts is especially useful.

Head of Service

Service Geeni provides a first-class service all of the time and we could not be happier. Whenever we have a question the team are very helpful giving a simple and clear explanation and always a solution that fits our business.

Director, Compact Fork Trucks Ltd

The Service Geeni software is easy to use, provides us with accurate information and has improved efficiency.

Service Director, Compact Fork Trucks Ltd

Customer service is enhanced, bottlenecks are eliminated. We have grown and are comfortably handling more business, without the need to employ more staff. Sales have increased by 86%.

Service Manager

We manage forklift fleets across the country for a wide range of clients with different requirements, so we needed service management software to help us increase efficiency and enhance our customer service & Service Geeni does just that.

Service Manager

We've been working with Service Geeni for over 5 years using their service management software, and it's been a great benefit to us. Initially, the software was used to keep track of truck breakdowns, but over time this has evolved and now we have trackers on all trucks and use mobile devices in the field, giving us complete visibility.

Service Director

If we are doing services on time, making sure we’ve got parts available, making sure pieces of equipment are there, communicating well, then there is much less chance of creating unwanted downtime. If we don't have equipment running, we don't make profit.

Gregory Baughman - Assistant Maintenance Manager, Clarks US