Helping lift companies be more efficient

Service Geeni: Lift Edition has been developed specifically for the lift industry enabling you to be more efficient, increase turnover, bill accurately and improve customer satisfaction.

What makes us different?

Service Geeni: Lift edition is completely modular which means you can tailor it to your specific needs. Key benefits for lift companies include:

  • Manage remedial insurance work efficiently, make more money
  • Tests, calibrations and certificates module designed for the lift industry
  • Share real-time information between engineers and office, reduce admin
  • Integrates with leading accountancy packages, improving billing accuracy & speed, increasing turnover
  • Make scheduling planned and emergency visits easy
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Leading mobile application

Maximise engineer efficiency with a leading mobile application that shares information seamlessly in real-time. Engineers receive updated schedules, complete site and service history and more so there are no excuses; the result is improved customer satisfaction, better information, less admin, invoice accuracy and increased billing what more could you want?

Stay on the right track

Balance your work schedule, so you can deliver the best service possible, to all your customers. With the ability to drag and rebook jobs in your engineer’s diaries, preventing double booking and overlapping as well as group assignments based on location, you truly can maximise your engineer’s efficiency. Google maps integration means you benefit from live location tracking, traffic updates, up to date schedules all while providing you with real-time job information allowing you to react to urgent calls and keep your customers informed. Overall your visibility is increased, allowing you to retain total control.

Improve your decision making with real-time reporting

Say goodbye to having difficult customer conversations that arise as a result of not having real-time information for those emergency situations. With access to all your information from one software; Service Geeni: Lift Edition provides you with up to date real-time information across all aspects of your business. Our reporting function can be tailored to your needs and can be accessed by all your employees anytime, anywhere. Uncover insights that will help you to optimise the performance of each element of your lift operation.

Why choose Service Geeni: Lift Edition

  • Complete modular solution
  • Securely delivered in the cloud – access anywhere
  • Continually updated specifically for lift companies – so you always have a competitive advantage
  • Pay per user a month

Your lift competitors are already switching to Service Geeni: Lift Edition; so don’t get left behind, contact Steve here to find out more.