Jitterbit: Award-winning API integration to maximise efficiency

Integration with key B2B applications streamlines business processes, connects users and improves data accuracy, never mind making your life easier! This is why Service Geeni provides customers with an award-winning integration solution in partnership with Jitterbit. So you can connect your current ERP, accounting packages and CRM system and other applications, simply and efficiently. 

API integration technology has come a long way, and Jitterbit is an industry-leading iPaaS (integration platform as a service) provider that delivers secure, reliable and innovative connections between SaaS, on-premise and cloud solutions. 

The key difference with Jitterbit is that there’s no unnecessary and complicated code. So, you don’t need to worry about updating integrations if there are any system updates. It’s easy, effective and the best thing yet for API transformation…

So what are you waiting for? 

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API 360 transformation gives you more leverage

The Jitterbit & Service Geeni partnership makes it easy for customers to connect, transform, combine and most importantly leverage data from any application or data source. Creating connections across your organisation giving a complete 360 view of customers, products, services and employees. Integrations help businesses advance through faster innovation and more effective decision making. With Jitterbit there’s no need to delay implementation or worry about the impact of future tech choices and investments, just simplified integration to support business efficiency and growth.

Unleashing the power of cloud integration

Jitterbit’s technology enables B2B integration between key applications that are used every day. Connecting your preferred ERP, accounting packages, and CRM systems.

Providing a secure platform to support your growing volume of applications, data and projects, delivering the best integrated solution for all stakeholders.

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Service Geeni and Jitterbit features
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