Is your business at risk of falling behind

According to a new report[1] “businesses operating in the field service industry are at risk of falling behind if they don’t invest in immersive technology in the next few years”. The stark warning comes after research into AR and VR technology adoption across the sector.

What did the survey find?

The study also discovered that:

  • 40% of small to midsize businesses are currently evaluating and piloting augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology
  • 70% will be experimenting with immersive technology by 2022
  • 18% are planning to start evaluating them in the next 12 months

Field service and immersive technology

Interestingly, the report also concluded that field service businesses are the best placed to adopt immersive technologies.

  • 46% felt that the remote field support use case for AR would have the most impact on their organisation

It is thought that the technology would be particularly impactful in field service. This is because each business provides similar equipment and services. The authors of the report also argued that immersive tech is vital to the field service industry for two key reasons:

  • It could provide technicians with on-site guidance
  • It could allow remote experts to provide customers with step-by-step instructions.

Ultimately, this would enable businesses operating in the sector to reduce costs by reducing the number of site visits needed to diagnose and repair.

Some more interesting stats

  • 41% of incomplete service visits would benefit from AR sessions {Service Council}
  • Companies have reported that enabling remote repairs led to a 60% increase in productivity and a 70% reduction in costs {Gartner}

Is this the next big thing for the field service sector?

At Service Geeni, the findings in the report back up our experiences. And, we have been arguing that Augmented Reality could be the next big thing for the sector. But it doesn’t stop there as we believe that AR could even be replaced by an even more innovative technology – that of mixed reality (MR).

MR is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world. It is the next evolution of AR, and it as the potential to be game-changing. Find out more about how MR could be used in the field service sector.

Evolve or die?

According to the report “The cost reductions associated with the use of immersive technology in the field service industry, for everything from improved productivity on remote repairs to increased staff retention resulting from interactive training programs, mean that businesses who implement this tech stand to benefit in the long term”. And, for those that don’t invest, the results could be catastrophic.

But, despite digital advances, in our experience, too many businesses still spend their IT budgets and human resources keeping the lights on, rather than looking at new ways to drive growth. At the same time, businesses struggle to keep up with the technology skills needed in our new IT landscape. With the pace of change far exceeding the ability of organisations to invest in new technology-enabled processes.

However, with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) set to benefit those companies preparing for change, this approach could see the failure of service-led businesses that fail to adapt to our new reality.

The good news is that cloud-based service management software offers a cost-effective way to respond to this challenge.

To find out more about how we can help your service-led business adapt and thrive in a new digital era, contact us today for an informal chat.


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