Is failing tech making your business sick?

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile devices. This is especially true when it comes to service industries; with engineers, technicians and other remote workers depending on mobile technology to get work done.

As with any equipment, faults can occur. And if this is a one-off or a quick fix, businesses are usually able to cope. But, if your organisation doesn’t look after its mobile tech properly (often because you think that you can’t afford to upgrade), prolonged or frequent defects, could affect the health of your mobile workers and ultimately your business.

According to a recent survey[1] of mobile workers into the impact of mobile device failure:

  • A quarter rated their device as three out of five or less for reliability
  • 5% of workers said that their devices fail every day

Crucially, the survey also found that a staggering 40% of mobile workers experience stress or anxiety as a direct consequence of mobile device problems. And, 16% had to take off from work because of this.

Today, service-led organisations are placing more and more responsibility on their mobile workers. But to be able to do their jobs effectively, these employees need to be able to use the tech they are given to communicate and complete tasks while on the go. But, by not investing in the tools employees need, or not upgrading where necessary, all too often the technology simply doesn’t work.

And we’re not just talking about mobile phones and other such devices. Poor quality software that frequently crashes, doesn’t respond, fails to sync with your back office, or provides a frustrating user experience can also lead to high levels of stress as workers struggle to get their work done.

This stress can be amplified if employees fear that they will have to explain why they are not able to keep up with schedules and get completed on time. And, of course, stress can lead to time off work sick, which places increased pressure on other employees and your overall operations.

The reality is, that not investing in the right technology is costing businesses financially. As such it is vital that service-led organisations ensure they have fully functioning devices and reliable software in place if they want to succeed and thrive.

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[1] B2M solutions