How important is Service Manager software in today’s business world?

The service desk exists to optimise services and functions on behalf of a business. There might be a customer service desk, an IT desk, and an HR desk. But for smaller companies it isn’t always feasible or affordable to employ a specialist for every problem. And, even with the very best of intentions, departmental silos do occur.

In response, a new style of service desk was born, using SaaS (Software as a Service) to create one central system that brings together a whole range of disciplines. A single, integrated infrastructure that works across your business.

Today, Service Management software plays a crucial role in making sure that successful businesses have the essential tools needed to maximise productivity and flow. Ultimately, it helps you to win, serve, and retain customers. In fact, for one affordable monthly cost, SaaS Service Management software has the potential to improve ALL your business processes.

Service Management software for a connected world.

Modern businesses need modern ways to make use of the latest technology and drive improvements in operations. Not only to enrich the customer experience, but also so that they can identify and capitalise on new revenue streams. But to do this, departments need to share data, processes and systems.

Service Management software enables businesses to do just that, with different teams across an organisation finally resigning silos of data stashes and fragmented communications. But Service Manager software doesn’t just make a unified approach possible due to improved communication and coordination between departments; it can also help you to:

Deliver an improved customer experience

Service Manager software allows for a more personalised customer experience. Because information is shared, you gain a deeper insight into each customer’s needs, so you can tailor your service and support accordingly. What’s more, SaaS technology can take over more basic automated customer service tasks; freeing your support staff to deal with more complex issues and provide a more proactive service. SaaS also makes the provision of post-sale support much easier, and it supports continuous customer service innovation with the ability to make improvements based on feedback from your customers.

Reduce downtime

With Service Management software, your business benefits from guaranteed SLAs that meet your service needs as well as any contractual, regulatory and legal compliance requirements.

Complete jobs quicker

You can better manage stock and benefit from route optimisation software. So, your engineers get the parts they need as quickly as possible, and spend less time on the road. Ultimately, you become more productive, and your customers get served faster.

Reduce costs

With no need to install and maintain costly hardware or out-of-date software, SaaS is a compelling option if you are looking to make cost savings and pass these on to your customers.

Stand out from the competition

As we’ve discussed, with Service Manager software, you’ll become more productive and better serve your customers. And, in a competitive business world, this matters. With established touch points like appropriate automatic responses, customer dashboards, updates, and follow-ups you can differentiate your service and beat the competition.

Retain staff

Nobody likes inefficient processes, least of all your employees. With a SaaS based Service Manager, you’ll streamline processes, remove unnecessary paperwork and help everyone in your team to work smarter, not harder; boosting satisfaction across your organisation.

SaaS Service Manager Software from Service Geeni

A total workforce and business management solution our, Service Manager will help you to develop agile practices that increase your efficiency, optimise your workforce, and boost your sales.

You also benefit from:

  • Access to previously unaffordable software and tools with no upfront capital investment
  • Automated backup services and best-in-class recovery processes
  • The ability to add functionality as your business grows
  • Access to the latest software, without hefty upgrade costs
  • 9% uptime with best in class SLAs.


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