How to get your service business excited about digital transformation

Digital transformation can be hugely beneficial to a service-led organisation. But the process isn’t always easy. As a rule, people don’t like change. However, if the people in your business are not on board, digital transformation can soon become a bit of a slog. Even worse, without buy-in, all your hard work could be doomed to fail. So, how can you get your service business excited about digital transformation – and just as importantly – how do you maintain this enthusiasm?

Make sure everyone understands what digital transformation is

One common problem with digital transformation is that quite often, different people have different ideas about what it is and how it should be accomplished. For example, it’s not unusual for people to see digital transformation as a technology-led initiative, while, in reality, it should be fuelled by business needs. So, one of the first things a service company should do, before it starts its digital transformation journey, is to make sure everyone is on the same page. Digital transformation won’t succeed without a common understanding and a shared vision.

Put business needs at the heart of your digital transformation strategy

To ensure people remain on-board, they must be able to see how any transformation will meet their business priorities. So rather than focusing on solving technology-related issues, address those challenges that make their day-to-day working lives tricky. Look at how technology can solve issues of customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, employee wellbeing and revenue growth.

Make digital transformation an on-going process

Digital transformation is not a one-off exercise. Instead, it should be a core part of the way your business operates. So, make employees feel like part of the process from the start. For example, consider holding regular “innovation days”, where employees get together in one place to discuss their needs and challenges, and how technology can help. Creating a shared culture of innovation helps people to feel valued and will boost stakeholder engagement. To help with this, it’s worth appointing a chief transformation officer to catalyse change.

Address resistance

People (at all levels) might initially be enthusiastic about digital transformation, but start to find it a burden when they get back to their daily tasks. Especially if you are continually disrupting their traditional working processes. And this can soon lead to failure.

So, rather than constantly forcing people to change the way they do things, look at how introducing small changes can make their lives easier. The sooner they see the benefits, the more likely they will feel secure, confident, and stay on board.

Lead from the top

Too many business leaders still see digital transformation as something the IT team should manage. But this inability to understand the necessity of change in the modern world can be disastrous in the long-term. To get cautious executives to buy-in to digital transformation, demonstrate the long-term benefits of investment as well as the risks of doing nothing.  Include things like keeping engineers in the field, saving time between jobs, lowering costs and boosting security.

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