How to get more from your engineers

Optimising productivity from your engineers in the field is a top priority for all service-led companies. Not just because it helps you to deliver a better service to your customers, but also because doing so makes your mobile workforce more productive, and improves your bottom line.

In response, Software as a Service (Saas) is being widely used by most forward-thinking service based companies as they strive to make unproductive working practices a thing of the past.

But what options are available to companies that want to give their business a boost?

At Service Geeni, we offer a range of service manager modules that will help your engineers to become more efficient. These include:

Service Manager Touch

Helping you to provide a fast and seamless service, Touch allows for the secure transfer of critical customer and job information between field engineers (via mobile devices and cloud services) and multiple offices in real time. As a result, engineers can allocate parts, create new jobs, complete work and send invoices immediately after completion with no fuss. Ultimately, with Touch you’ll speed up diagnosis and repair, so your engineers service more clients each day. What’s more, you’ll always know where your engineers are, and what they are doing.

Service Manager Route Optimiser

With our Route Optimiser module, you’ll improve service levels and reduce costs by planning the most efficient routes and delivery schedules. Eliminating the frustrations associated with route planning, Route Optimiser offers advanced routeing and scheduling functionality so that managing multiple jobs, multiple engineers, and multiple locations becomes easy.

You help your employees save time as you’ll be able to allocate the most suitable engineer to every job. Once done, jobs can be marked as completed or flagged for further action. Route Optimiser also leads to reduced van maintenance costs and a reduced carbon footprint; saving you money when it comes to maintenance and fuel.

Service Manager Dashboard

Providing real-time company data, from multiple sources, displayed on an interactive visual dashboard, our Service Manager Dashboards provide insightful data and business intelligence which lead to actionable insights and improved decision making. What’s more, Service Manager Dashboards also let you access your data anywhere, any time and on any device.

With the ability to harness big data leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction at all levels, companies that are not yet using SaaS to provide them with the most up to date and accurate data, from multiple sources, risk falling behind.

Service Manager Vehicle Tracking

Our Vehicle Tracking system will help to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your fleet. Providing complete visibility in real time, you’ll always know where your field workers are, so you can optimise schedules to improve service and efficiency. And provide the latest information to customers on engineer arrival or delivery times. You can also respond proactively to urgent jobs and identify any potential problems before they happen.

What’s more, with access to actionable data you’ll also be able to establish measures to improve driver behaviour, reduce travel time, fuel bills, running costs and mileage, and lessen your impact on the environment.

If your field engineers are spending lots of time in your office, on the road, or on unproductive tasks, then they are not out keeping your customers happy. With our SaaS Service Manager solutions, we provide them with everything they need to work smarter not harder. Jobs are responded to quicker, problems are identified sooner, and communication between all your mobile and office based employees is enhanced – leading to better customer service all round.


To find out more about how we can help your business to get more from its engineers, speak to a member of our team on 01942 261 671 or email to find out more.