How to ensure a successful service management software implementation

Today, many service companies are still struggling with outdated management systems. And this can mean unproductive and inefficient working practices. Perhaps even more worrying  – particularly in the age of GDPR – sharing data via Excel and paper-based processes can lead to information becoming lost, out of date or incorrect. So, upgrading service management software can be hugely beneficial when it comes to ensuring a profitable, efficient and secure operation. But, to make sure your investment in this technology doesn’t cause more trouble than it’s worth, it’s vital to secure a proper implementation.

Here are some key areas to focus on.

Get your data right

Your data will be the backbone of your new IT system. So, it makes sense to get this in order before you migrate it across. This process should include getting rid of any old/unnecessary data to help you meet your data protection requirements. You should also make sure that all the data is in the right fields to ensure a straightforward migration process.

Establish what your business actually needs

A successful service management software system implementation is about more than just the migration period. Because, even if everything goes right during the switch-over, the project will be a failure if people don’t use it once it is in place.

To make sure your new system works for you, it’s vital that you consider whether your business processes will work with the new software, or if people will have to develop workarounds. Assess all your operations to ensure the software works the way you need it to.

As part of this process, you should also look at where improvements can be made. Sure, you can take your current offline working practices and move them to the cloud, but, if that is all you do, you will miss out on the most significant benefits of service management software.

Establish if your current tech can support your new system

No matter how great your new system is, the benefits will be lost if your employees can’t access it. So, look at the devices used by your organisation and make sure that your new setup is accessible and compatible. Your implementation will go much smoother if you take the time to scrutinise all your hardware, software and apps before making decisions about how to move to the cloud.

Create a plan for securing employee buy-in

As a rule, people don’t like change. However, if the people in your business are not on board, new IT initiatives can be doomed to fail. Establish how you plan to get your service business excited about the new service management software.  This plan should include things such as user education and communication, planning and testing, and a willingness to listen to, and address any concerns. Find out more about how to get your service business excited about digital transformation.

Choose the right service management software partner

There are a lot of software suppliers out there and finding the right partner for you can be tough. But it’s essential that you invest in the one that will work for you. Check that, as well as doing what you need it to, your chosen vendor can offer a level of guaranteed uptime and data protection that is acceptable to your business.

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